Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  3 Business Lessons learned from the Wright Brothers

Yesterday was highly inspiring to have visited the Wright Brothers museum in Kitty Hawk NC.  On display were an exact replica of the first plane ever flown, and the beautifully maintained area where the work was created.  Upon reading some of the postings about the two brothers, Orville and Wilbur, reminders came to mind of the important pieces of starting up a business and working to experience success.

Community Relocation

Many people face much negativity when they first announce the business they plan to begin.  The reasons behind the negativity do not matter nearly as much as being able to cope with it plus all of the uncertainty, money and time devoted to the effort.

While I don’t know if the Wright Brothers faced negativity in Chicago, they received a handwritten invitation to build the world’s first plane in Kitty Hawk NC.  Upon investigation, they recognized the community wanted them there plus the terrain, weather, and ocean made for the perfect environment.


The brothers built a one room home, on the airfield so that they would feel comfortable, and accordingly, accomplish more.  Next to their very small home, they built the first hangar to begin work on their plane.  Perhaps they were the first to initiate the “work from home” concept.

Love of Work

Frequently we hear advice to turn your hobby into a business.  By doing what you love, the endeavor has a far improved chance for succeeding.  It was learned that previous to the plane effort, the Wright Brothers owned a bicycle shop in Chicago.  In fact some of the same tools were used to create very first airplane.

The best reminder of the day was to see 4 markers on the field symbolizing the distance the first attempts made actually flew.  Most might have given up because they were only equivalent to a quick hop, skip, and a jump from the starting point. 

The Wright Brothers paid tribute to the spirit of business an all endeavors we undertake including that of seeking work, and that

 is to never give up. Keep trying until you find the Smooth Sale!

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