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NOTE: Revenue Grid, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Roman Shovkun, provides today’s story, How to Reimagine Your Sales Plays for the New Reality.






How to Reimagine Your Sales Plays for the New Reality 

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has changed the world.

The global pandemic transformed the priorities of an entire generation. The rise of the virus also meant that the way we live, work, and shop evolved almost overnight.

After months of lockdown and confusion, many industry leaders now agree that there’s no going “back to normal” after COVID.  It is essential to improve your team pipeline after Covid19.

Instead, today’s sales teams and market leaders will need to find a new way forward. Adjustments and possibly, transformation is in order. It calls for adjusting your sales play and your pipeline to support a new landscape.

So, how do you cost-effectively combine technology and methodology into a plan that maximizes sales and productivity?  That’s what we’re going to explore today.


Step 1: Refocus on Empathy and Customer Needs

The impact of COVID-19 shook more than just businesses and careers. In this new landscape, your target customer has changed on a fundamental level. Today’s clients aren’t as interested in face-to-face experiences as they once were. Digital avenues for sales have overtaken offline interactions. B2B clients see the benefit of demonstrations and conversations over the web.

Adjusting to life after the COVID virus means that sales teams need to get to know their target audience all over again. CRM systems and CRO solutions need a significant update, focusing on the conversations you’ve been having with your clients in recent months. Combine your updates with the thought of how to reimagine your sales plays for the new reality

Past research shows us that the companies that maintain and improve customer-centric strategies always outperform companies that don’t. In the world after COVID, it’s even more essential for firms to show that they understand and care about their clients. After all, today’s customers are craving attention and support more than ever.

In our own research, we learned that renewal accounts were responsible for around 78% of sales teams’ opportunities. Research suggests that your repeat customers are going to be the ones driving your revenue in the future.

While it’s still important to unlock new sales strategies with future customers, make sure that the majority of your focus goes towards helping your existing clients. Think about how you can adapt your services and products to suit the changing needs of your audience. Will financially-struggling clients benefit from payment holidays or new subscription opportunities?

Speak inquisitively to your clients to discover their needs.


Step 2: Increase Your Digital Footprint and Reimagine Your Sales Plays

An essential part of being a more empathetic business, in the world after COVID, is in understanding that your clients. They will want new ways to interact with your business.

The stress and anxiety of COVID19 increases with each new requirement. Social distancing is one example. Although today’s buyers want more human connection, they’re often cautious. Even if your business gets the go-ahead to attend events and in-person demonstrations, your customers might not be comfortable.

Continue to provide safe and digital ways for your clients to interact with you in the months ahead. Possibilities include offering more online webinars and demonstrations through video conferencing if you can’t attend a presentation in person. It might also mean that you have more of your conversations digitally than face-to-face. Consistency will help you to reimagine your sales plays.

Remember, when you’re building your digital footprint, it’s essential to have strategies in place where you can measure your success. Ideally, you’ll track every conversation your clients and employees have, so you can use the information available to guide further discussions. Doing so will put you on the path to reimagine your sales plays and improve your team pipeline.

Look at your sales pipeline and find out where you have the potential to transform digitally. Teams can connect with clients on LinkedIn, reach out over messaging tools, and share demonstrations through video. Don’t forget to consider whether your employees will need any extra training too.

With a market value of around $5 billion, sales enablement tools can provide new insights for your team members. They may highlight opportunities you never noticed before.


Step 3: Turn Threats into Opportunities

Finally, there will be many threats for businesses to overcome in this new post-COVID landscape. Just because governments are getting a handle on the pandemic doesn’t mean that there aren’t still challenges to address. 

For instance, McKinsey reports suggest that spending will decrease by around 50% after the pandemic is over. Our research confirmed that companies wouldn’t have the option to spend on things they don’t find essential anymore.

To ensure that you’re harnessing as many sales opportunities as possible, start by looking at your pipeline. Find your loyal customers and figure out how you can convince them to keep buying from you. Offering new products and services on top of your existing portfolio might be an excellent way to drive additional sales. For instance, consider providing free training for all your software.

At the same time, think about ways that you may be able to branch into new areas. During the COVID-19 crisis, countless companies shifted their strategies to focus on different kinds of sales. Educational brands began offering online webinars, while alcohol companies started to sell hand sanitizer instead of drinks. Creativity will also help to reimagine your sales plays and improve your team pipeline after Covid19.

Now could be the perfect time to pursue a new idea. If the insights you’ve gathered over the last few months show that there’s a market for any new product or service you might want to sell. It’s time to reimagine your sales plays.  A Customer Revenue Optimization tool that combines your email inbox and CRM data into one comprehensive pipeline will highlight opportunities for you.


Reimagine Your Sales Plays:  Pivoting to Suit the New Sales Pipeline

Companies in the sales landscape have had to make a lot of changes over the last few months. Almost overnight, teams went from working with clients in-person to offering interactions over the web. Remote work is stronger than ever, and digital sales are rapidly increasing, replacing the need for face-to-face pitches. This is another area ripe to imagine your sales plays.

Knowing that the light is at the end of the tunnel, companies need to ensure that they’ve got a plan for not just “surviving” COVID but thriving in the world after the pandemic. For some businesses, this will mean doubling down on digital strategies and sales opportunities. For many organizations, the focus will be on finding the best ways to serve their audience and increase customer loyalty.

One thing is for sure: there’s no “back to normal” possibility here. All companies in the current landscape need to be willing to adapt and change. 

Are you ready to reimagine your sales plays, for life after COVID?


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