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It is no easy feat to deal with anxious customers and still succeed.  Customer support always weighs more in any organization. However, dealing with the problems of customers is not as easy as it seems. Without promising more and simultaneously convincing them, asks for good practice in the same field. It becomes even more challenging when it comes to dealing with an anxious customer who couldn’t keep his calm.

There are no fixed or pre-defined ways to explain why a customer gets anxious or doesn’t feel right about the choice they made. According to American Express, 90% of American customers have decided not to purchase anything from businesses that offered poor customer service support experience. Hence, it becomes vital to find your way through and earn a recommendation.







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8 Ways to Deal With Hot-Headed Customers and Solve Problems


There are no certified ways of putting your customers at ease. However, here are a few simple tricks you can use that can help you lower their temper and deal with their problems. Find all the possible ways to work with your customers and provide the best services. Answer their queries and deliver the value they seek.

1. Maintain Your Calm

It is a natural human reaction that leads you to feel the same way your customers are feeling. If they are yelling at you, you might find a sudden urge to yell back at them to stop them from complaining.

But this is the time when you have to experiment with your self-control. Remain calm. Even if the customer has lost his temper, by remaining calm, most often, you can bring the situation back under control.

Gradually, the ill-tempered client twill stop overreacting and listen to you. It may seem to be a tough task in the beginning, but with time, you will learn to control your temper and solve the issues of customers peacefully. About 70% of buying experience heavily depends on how customers receive customer support. It becomes crucial for you to answer their problems the right way.

2. Find a Reason to Connect

It is crucial to let your customers know that you understand them and their problems. Without knowing what their problem is and how they relate to your organization, the chances of misinterpreting their issues are high. Therefore, it is advisable to find a reason to connect with them on common ground.

While they are complaining, you should focus on finding common ground that can get you connected to your customers. Instead of continuously disagreeing with what they are saying, it is better to find common ground and assure them that you have well understood their problem. It’ll help in making a significant difference and will lower their anxiety to bring them back to their senses.

3. Let Prospects Cool Down

Before you start putting your points and explaining them, it is better to wait for them to cool down. Avoid forcing them to make any decisions right away when they are anxious. Also, do not let them conclude anything during this state. It is advisable to wait for them to calm down and then explain to them the problem and the possible reasons why it occurred.

For example, I also had difficulty in explaining how our ride-hailing dedicated app solution works. One of our clients was anxious to learn, and it was time to let him cool down and then tell what the fault was. The uber clone app doesn’t work without credentials, and they were missing the whole point!

A simple misunderstanding can cause anxiety, but waiting for them to calm down and then explaining the solution helped us nurture a great relationship without affecting the customer support services.

4. Listen to All Things They Explain

While your customer is complaining about something to you, are you present there? Before deciding any countermeasures or answers to defy yourself, it is better to pay complete attention to what they are saying. The customer must not feel push-back, and their complaints not taken seriously.

Instead, try to understand everything from their perspective. It will help you improve your answers and also can help you find a solution quickly. The problems that customers are facing might be a simple misunderstanding from their side. And instead of defying whatever they are complaining about, it is better to explain the solution and clear the misunderstanding.

5. Deliver What You Have Promised

Ensure that your sales support doesn’t become zealous on promising more than you can provide. It is crucial to maintain your promises and deliver what you have said or written when convincing them. Never forget to keep your sales team updated with your capabilities and the services you provide in the package you offer.

Only promise what you can provide. Customers look forward to getting a complete return on their investments done, and your services should make a difference for them. They may come asking you for the promises you had done, and if you are overpromising than what you do, this can result in a bad experience, and you earn a negative review from them. And it takes 12 positive reviews to hide the effect of 1 negative.

6. Emotional Intelligence in Action

Emotional intelligence weighs more during interviews nowadays. Many top-notch organizations are focusing on emotional intelligence as one of the crucial criteria before hiring a candidate. It not only helps find out how a person can deal with emotions of himself/herself but also helps know if they can deal with a customer under pressure or not.

And for customer support executives, emotional intelligence comes at the rescue when dealing with a hot-headed client or any anxious customer. Try to relieve them of the stress and do not overreact or over-promise under pressure. Keep your calm and support your customers by providing excellent answers to everything they ask.

7. Know to Manage Between Automated and Human Responses

75% of customers feel that it takes too long to reach a live agent during customer support. The use of artificial intelligence and machine learning has surely paved a new way to serve customers efficiently, but it is equally essential to keep your customer services working. A live agent must be connected to a customer within two minutes as it provides a better user experience.

The use of AI-enabled chatbots and virtual assistants is very present and healthy for your customer support. Still, at the same time, you must have a representative ready to take over the conversation if customers are having any difficulty in dealing with the bot.

8. Clear the Facts

Under any circumstances, you should not lose track of the discussion. As the customer you are dealing with is anxious, it is obvious to roam off the topic. But the entire conversation will shift to another area. Assure that the customers don’t lose their interest. Take support from hardcore facts that provide an overview of the services or products you are offering.

When the discussion starts tilting to some other angle, switch back to the set plan of your meeting. Ensure the customer finds answers for the issues they are discussing and attempt to relirve anxiety. Prepare for similar situations by creating an agenda for the meeting in advance and follow the set routine to ensure your customers receive the answers they need.

Conclusion: Dealing with Anxious Customers and Still Succeed

An experienced sales professional can deal with customer support excellently. By learning and observing from the behavior of anxious customers, most of them can predict what the issue is and how they can calm them and solve their problems.

However, it is vital to keep your organization in focus and follow the policies that can provide results that are beneficial for both customers and your organization. By following the right approaches, you can rely on delivering excellent customer support. And efficiently deal with anxious customers without putting your organization’s reputation at risk.

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