Are You Ready to Journey in A New Direction?

Early in our careers, many of us tend to get bored, or the markets take a severe drop leaving us to wonder, is it time to journey in a new direction? A recent article in The Washington Post concerns a modern-day establishment in No. Virginia that has a remarkable history and prompts our blog post. The article-provoking reveals an inspiring woman’s career journey, and the thought-provoking article is titled, ‘Wolford Rolls out Round Hill Events Venue.’

Joan Wolford hoped to make it to Broadway at the start of her career, but it wasn’t in the cards. However, she did sing with bands plus other activities to support herself. Her career history includes waiting on tables at dining establishments and other endeavors. Today, she is creating a new Western dining and entertainment destination. The remarkable side to the story is that ‘Joan Wolford, owner of this year’s favorite Catering Company: Savoir Faire, has spent the past three years converting the former Round Hill furniture factory building into a Catering venue.’