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The Infographic below reveals how to improve call center performance.  Specific measurements work best.  Otherwise, when it comes to capturing how your company is doing with customers, it can be hard to judge.

Some customers have zero complaints, for starters; you’re not likely to hear how you’re doing if everything is seamless and they wouldn’t change a thing. Then there are the customers that complain but not to you — to others, loudly, and on social media. However, when people do call into the call center, it can be an excellent chance for your customer service department to engage and change the narrative around how customers feel. In either situation, it’s difficult to improve call center performance without proper feedback or measurements in place.

How do you improve call center performance?               

There are several different tactics that people have used throughout the years to monitor and improve call center performance. Of course, there are base measurements such as greeting and using one’s name. What else matters? This graphic helps explain which metrics to look for and how to measure and improve call center performance.

How Do You Measure the Performance of Your Call Center

Via Salesforce

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