Do You Take Action Upon Receiving A Communication Upset?

Our blog asks, do you take action upon receiving a communication upset? I’m one who does so not only for myself but on behalf of others, too. Another email has me roiled due to my long-standing devotion to equality. Before incorporating AI, artificial intelligence, or any new strategy, it is wise to review the older methods to realize whether immediate deletion will be beneficial.! Moreover, below you will see the blogs I wrote concerning the topic and how we may improve our efforts.

What created today’s uproar? An invitation to join a Zoom meeting with the exclusive word ‘Man’ made me wonder why I received the offer. I let the person know he will attract many more people to his effort should he be willing to swap the phrase, ‘man’ for ‘human,’ and ‘mankind for ‘humankind.’ Continuing with the same focus on men will bring limiting results as time marches forward.