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How to Build Value and Build the Sale

Is Your Story Making An Impact?

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Tenfold:  Cold Calling Mishaps:  22 Experts Weigh In

CommissionCrowd:  Expert’s Corner: 32 Ways to Prospect for Sales Leads Without Cold Calling

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How to Detect A Leader vs. A Follower

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Wasteful Meetings

Brain Dead to Awakening

5 Strategies for Improving Phone Calls

Expert Tips for Sales Presentations

Media interview compiled by Carol Roth and Microsoft SMB

65 Tips for Getting Business Referrals

KiteDesk and Media Shower together provided this interview:

Expert Interview Series: Elinor Stutz of Smooth Sale on Improving Your Sales Strategy

Mind Rosser

Elinor Stutz Shares Insider Secrets for Social Selling Success

February 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Winning Sales Conversations – Experts Weigh In; compiled by Gong
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January 2017

What Will Matter In Sales In 2017? 8 Sales Experts Weigh In

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How I Work: Elinor Stutz, CEO of Smooth Sale

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Pipedrive Article - Smoothsale

Pipedrive-What Will Matter In Sales In 2017? 8 Sales Experts Weigh In

Sales questions answered from top influencers – Brent Leary, Barbara Giamanco, Mark Hunter and me.

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Expert Sales Prospecting Guide by Tenfold – CLICK HERE

Sales Enablement Thought Leader Interview with Elinor Stutz
Conducted by Grace Andaque of The Sales Way


Sales and Service Excellence e-Magazine

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“The Moving Carrot time to take control”, Article by Elinor Stutz

Assuming the Sale

Securing the Sale


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How Sales Tactics Can Get You A Job

What to Say If an Interviewer Asks Which Animal You Would Be and Why

Networking Tips for the Holidays by Elinor Stutz

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Time Magazine Article

TIME Magazine’s Business Supplement Features Elinor’s book:

“Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results”


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Amazon Author's Page - Elinor Stutz

“Communicate to Attract Interest”

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“View from the Bay” with Spencer Christian

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