What people are saying about SmoothSale™ & Elinor Stutz
“When Elinor Stutz speaks, you feel a personal connection as well as inspired and motivated to achieve unprecedented success. Her personal story is heartfelt and miraculous. She has the unique ability of intertwining outrageously funny stories, advice for building relationships and solid business strategies in a most memorable talk. It’s no wonder she receives standing ovations time after time!” – International Women’s Day Conference
“Elinor is a wonderful speaker. She immediately grabs your attention with her positive energy and interactive style. Elinor provides valuable information that can change the way you do business and increase your bottom line. Her ‘Nice Girls’ approach to sales is unique and refreshing.” – ZaLonya Allen, Ph.D. Author/Speaker
“I was so impressed with you while I was talking with you at the CBEA conference when I purchased your books and CD’s. Your unique way of paying attention to me really made me feel valued. I felt a sense of honor and dignity was given to me throughout the transaction. Although it was just a brief moment, I felt I have encountered a breath of crisp fresh air in a wonderful Autumn morning in that conference room.” – Joshua Chao, Associate, Good TV Taiwan and China
“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and loved the great turnout that your topic AND name brought Thanks for your efforts in making today’s presentation a success!””Women’s Initiative would like to thank you for your presentation”Relationship Selling Gets Results” at our recent Business Conference, Live Your Dreams, for women entrepreneur. Participants also felt that your job as a seminar presenter was excellent… In response to a question about what they liked best about the seminar, participants wrote comments such as enthusiasm, great setting, great information and networking, networking and the reminders to say yes to opportunity, discussion on dealing with “no” and difficult situations, networking tips and speaker’s enthusiasm.” ~ Alma Elizondo & Pamela Mejia / WIBC Seminar Team ~ Jen Berkley, WIC Coordinator, Women in Consulting,
“You were so informative and your field stories so entertaining, you should have your own PBS television show!” ~ Testimonial given at the Circle of Women Conference
You’re a very dynamic, fun and interesting speaker and you had really useful information too! Your suggestion to review my accomplishments and re-set my stretch 12-month goal every six months has added speed to my progress!” ~ Jennifer Flaa, Vettanna
“Elinor’s presentation at the Expo was dynamic, full of impact and experiential sales tips, especially focusing on relationship building.” – Paula Constantino, Women’s Support Team
“Thank you for a great presentation! These are important skills and I learned a lot. …They were ALL taking notes and we received several gracious comments. You made it a wonderful event.” – Sarah Sherwood, Silicon Valley Women in Business
Thank you so much for your wonderful presentation. I am in the service business, and although I love what I do, it’s the “selling my services” part that is always tough. Your story was both inspirational and educational. I got many good ideas and strategies from your presentation, and I can’t wait to try them out. Thank you very much. – Karen Irwin, San Francisco Staging
“Elinor Stutz’s presentation was well received by our sales team. She provided techniques for self-motivation and simple strategies that can make all the difference for a sole-proprietor. Her sales background along with her clear expertise in human nature make her perfect for those in the direct selling industry… or in any business.” – Susan Lenser, Independent Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay
“Everything from Elinor’s style, which I found to be easy going, to the information she presented was indeed a “Smooth Sale” I was sold on her sincere, friendly, and to the point “Selling Strategies”. Elinor sold me on the fact that “people do in fact do business with people they like”. Having the opportunity to speak with her for just a few moments after the seminar confirmed why she is successful; she took the time to listen to what I had to say, observing as she gave wise counsel.” – Pamela Hardy, Founder, Owe No Man Marketing
“As always you inspire me to go beyond where I am at the moment when I hear you speak.” – Sabrina Adams, Director of Publishing, Zoe Life Publishing
“Satisfied?! You bet! The materials are great and the members have been reviewing and sharing with each other. Two members received (and accepted) employment offers after your presentation. Both of them credited you with advice that they followed and found successful. How good is that?
Thank you so much for your generous sharing with the members. I hope you will come another time to our group. Take the best of care.” – Kathryn Valencia, Coordinator for Marin Professionals
“Some my think of you as the shy demurring type, but not when on stage – you really have great public speaking skills!” – Patricia Block, CEO Block Consulting

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