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By December, we eagerly look forward to celebrating the end of one year and are mentally onto the next. Resolutions are made, and we are excited about executing a new plan. But what sometimes unfolds reveals a brand new story.

My Story

Ideas continually come to me, and I relentlessly pursue those of more significant interest. But when technical mishaps interfere, I find myself in need of an emergency brake.

Beginning January 29, you will find new entries for the Smooth Sale Blog on my LinkedIn Profile Page (Elinor Stutz) and Twitter (@smoothsale). It is with great appreciation that so many readers subscribed over the years. My goal in writing is to motivate and inspire readers toward achieving their vision.

I am now in the process of minimizing my website. Instead of typically focusing on what excites me, technical issues were the first order of business for the new year. Securing help was essential.

As simple as an idea appears to be, I was in need of representatives from three different companies helping. The lost time was painful, mainly when put on hold. Thankfully, a reliable go-to person will ensure all is in good order.

My goal always is to eliminate the stress of my not understanding technical jargon.

Three factors can quickly kill progress:

  1. Not admitting what you do not know or cannot handle
  2. Doing nothing instead of asking for help
  3. Lack of time efficiency

When we face difficulties with transitioning, we often think it would be so much easier if we were to quit. But the reason complication gets in the way is that continuing is what we are after.

Facing facts becomes our motivating force for getting help and moving forward. Remaining steadfast, through the process, allows us to see the end in sight. Finally, we can continue with the elements of the business that interest us the most.

Those who choose to quit will never know what might have been. And people who say ‘tomorrow’ will, at best case, lose days or weeks. The better decision is to stop for a moment in time to repair what isn’t working and then move forward with confidence.

Each January, review all processes in place. Recognize where fixes are in need of immediate attention. Once everything is good to go, we can return to our yearly goals and beyond for achieving our heart’s desire.

“Believe You Can and You Will.”

“Whatever you choose to believe will prove to be true for you.”

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Your Story About Beginning to Make Progress

In the excitement of planning new strategies and career advancement, annoyances seem to pop up. You can attempt to ignore them but that only increases stress. Should your goal be to witness progress quickly, then consider whether your plan is in need of improvement.

Do You Recognize:

  • Problems in need of fixing
  • Your go-to resources for getting help
  • Necessary adjustments in your strategies for goals
  • A need for revising you long-term vision
  • All avenues are working harmoniously

When it comes to your career, be sure all strategies align with your values and priorities. Attempting to fit in with the crowd is rarely beneficial. Setbacks are frequent, but a positive attitude toward moving forward will be your differentiator.

For a stellar year, each evening review what worked well and what can use improvement. Using this simple method sees progress speeding up with goal achievement occurring sooner than you expect.

As results occur, reset your yearly goal a bit beyond what you believe to be reasonable. And then be witness to quicker progress.

Differentiators for Successful Progress:

  • Commitment to learning
  • Honesty with oneself about what is not working
  • Daily improvement targeting your long-term vision

“When success becomes your priority, it will happen on your terms.”

Sales Tips for Making Progress

  1. Always keep your long-term vision in mind
  2. Set a 12-month goal that today you believe will take 15 months
  3. Each quarter set monthly goals directed to the yearly
  4. Every Friday evening set new weekly goals
  5. Each evening set daily goals
  6. Keep a journal what is to be tweaked or eliminated
  7. Track what is working well
  8. Confer with trusted peers
  9. Build a loyal bond with clientele
  10. Celebrate Success!

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Beginning January 29, you will find the Smooth Sale Blog on my LinkedIn Profile Page and Twitter.  It is with great appreciation that so many subscribed over the years.  My goal in writing is to be of service to my readership and provide encouragement for moving forward.

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Today’s blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!






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