Attract the Right Job or Clientele:

If you are making these errors listed below, today is an excellent time to change your routine. The habits we allow ourselves to get into are sometimes the reason business declines.

My Story 3 Errors Regarding The Approach:

The way we approach others is the beginning phase of attempting to build a business. Whether you email, message on social platforms, call, or network, the plan has to be above board and well thought out.

Unfortunately, I receive messages on a variety of social media platforms, in addition to unsolicited email, that frequently raises an eyebrow. The commonality is my inclination to delete instantly. The issues are many, but three appear to be continual.

Three consistent missteps:
  1. Dale Carnegie public speaking teaches students that addressing a person by name is what captures attention. Anything else is demeaning. Calling a woman ‘dear,’ whom you do not know, earns an instant delete.
  2. The demonstration of a person’s desire to take the quick path is annoying. In business, the easy way is a myth as it does not exist. The evidence comes in the form of asking a question that conveys research is absent before the point of contact. For example, I often receive offers to teach me how to sell or to start my own business. Messages of this type are another delete in the making.
  3. Every few months, I receive notice of Congratulations on having earned an honorary award. But the second or third sentence usually continues with ‘to claim your award, choose one of the packages.’ Each package comes with a fee attached. In my estimation, these are not valid honors or awards, but a dishonest way of trying to make a buck.

It’s mind-boggling for me that these messages arrive on social media platforms. We each have profiles filled out. It only takes a couple of minutes to become familiar with the interests of the individual. For example, LinkedIn provides a person’s interests and involvements. The information we need to begin connecting with someone is at our fingertips.

Every type of communication is to be sincere on all levels. We communicate sincerity as we display having done our homework upfront. When we research the person first, their goals, projects, and ambitions, we can begin the conversation on solid ground. The better approach is to state, in your vocabulary, ‘I see you are working on…and would like to learn more.’ A similar remark will encourage the other person to connect.

On occasion, we will see the synergy between us. In this case, an opening statement will indicate the similarities. And the ask is if the other person will be interested in having a conversation to see how we might help one another. This type of approach also receives a frequent ‘yes.’


Your Story About Making Errors

A good indication is that sales numbers appear to be exceedingly difficult to attain. No one is calling you back or responding to your email. Your manager is on your case, hounding you to make a sale. Or you believe business is faltering and you may not last until year-end.

Should any of the above be a part of your story, then consider these questions:

  • Do you often feel frustrated that little progress is underway?
  • Have you received feedback of any type indicating your messaging can be improved?
  • Are you trying to further develop your approach and communication skills?

One of the better self-improvement approaches is to scrap what doesn’t work. Test out a new strategy. If the first attempt doesn’t work, try another style. Keep going until you find the one approach that does work. Then copy and repeat. And if you are daring, try the opposite of what you are currently doing. Surprisingly, many times, the opposite strategy works.

Best of all is to dedicate yourself to education. Listen to podcasts, read articles, take courses, and hire mentors. Motivation toward personal development is the key to developing assurance and your career. As confidence builds success follows.

There are several websites you can research that will help you grow personally and professionally. The best part is the coursework and information provided is free of charge.

Take advantage today for building your knowledge base and increasing ideas that will move you forward:

  • Catcat: “Build your future one skill at a time.”
  • Vunela: “How leaders make the best ideas work.”
  • “Successful people win by being the hungriest.”
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Sales Tips: Making Errors
  1. Review each evening what did not work out as expected
  2. Revise your approach for the next day
  3. Compare results the following evening to improve upon the new strategy
  4. Ask clientele for feedback and seriously consider their insights
  5. Incorporate client input into your routine
  6. Ask clients if the new habits are working better.
  7. Compare sales results from the old way of performing to the new
  8. Observe and listen to other salespeople to know what to avoid and what to embrace
  9. Be motivated to work daily on personal development and increasing knowledge
  10. Celebrate Success!

Whenever you believe a plateau is achieved, seek out help for getting your next climb in order!
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