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Attract the Right Job Or Clientele:

No matter the size of a business or entrepreneurship, most of us are ready to improve results. An excellent strategy is to learn from the companies far ahead of their competitors. By reading what they do and how they do it lends insight.  While entrepreneurs may not scale to a multi-million dollar corporation level, we can heed the lessons we see.

One article spoke of two gigantic companies that use one strategy exceptionally well.  However, the same technique applies to the sales professionals within corporations, retail businesses,  and entrepreneurship both in-person or online.  

My Story:  The Corporate Sales Effort

As a professional salesperson, I quickly learned that listening and asking questions about what I hear raises the curiosity of people sitting across.  Sharing personal stories and laughing all the while helped to build a bond between us.  Each relationship grew to become the basis for prospects asking permission to buy from me. 

Seek out the natural commonalities between you and your prospects to gain trust and build the business. My extra touch is in over-delivering value, such as customer care.

My prospective clients’ decisions for moving forward were never about the product or service.  Why? Many companies sold similar offerings providing numerous options.  Instead, it is my attention to the client, becoming familiar with their history, priorities, and then serving them well that becomes the game-changer.  In return, the reward becomes repeat business, referrals, and testimonials. 

Sadly, most people miss out on opportunities because they believe my approach to be too time-consuming. Likewise, the same occurs online. Time and again, new connections will approach me on LinkedIn asking, ‘what do you do?’  But even worse are the incorrect assumptions.  One person wrote, ‘I see you are in the shipping industry.’ What!

Each time, I’m baffled by why people do not take an extra moment to read my profile before sending their unwanted messages.  The rush demonstrates only caring about the sale, not serving the prospective client well. They are anything but ready to improve results.

Ready to Improve Results Online

We all need to adjust to online sales and work on our own.  However, we can apply the essential skills of in-person sales excellence:

  1. Customer care that includes empathy, serving, and building relationships
  2. The anticipation of client needs and developing services behind the scenes.
  3. Partnering with those who can enhance new services
The Online Social Selling Effort

If a sales approach on LinkedIn has ever turned you off,  then please consider the following:

The team at Vengreso shares a sales philosophy similar to mine.  We both believe that your primary focus is to be on helping your prospects achieve their goals.  Upon taking the Vengreso training on how to sell on LinkedIn, I was so impressed that I partnered with the company. Vengreso models the importance of building relationships first. Their sales training instructs on developing your brand, selling on the platform, and better communication techniques. 

The lessons will give you the path to improve future engagements with prospects.  And it is designed for all learning styles.

Training includes the details for making your profile stand out.  As your profile and communication strategy revitalize, branding takes off to enhance the sales effort.  Both corporate teams and entrepreneurs can benefit greatly.

If you’re looking for ways to help your sellers engage with prospects and customers, check out Vengreso, the world’s leading Digital/Virtual Selling training company. Vengreso has helped over 140,000 sellers reach buyers using Digital/Virtual methods like LinkedIn and Video Sales Messaging. 

Should you be interested in learning more, please email me with Vengreso in the subject line.  I will be happy to make an introduction. 

Learning From The Big Corporations Using This One Strategy

Every day we see and hear about retail stores struggling.  On the other hand, we witness large companies growing further and exceeding all expectations.  What do they do differently to grow from a homegrown operation to a mega-corporation?

A recent article shared that success came to two known companies because they are fully customer-oriented.  The two companies are gigantic corporations.  Nevertheless, the idea of putting clients first also works for the individual sales representative, retail operations, and entrepreneurs. 

The Apple Client Focus
  • Their people behind the genius bar resolve technical issues with expertise and patience for non-techies.
  • The products surpass expectations, such as professional cameras within the iPhones
  • Providing ApplePay for ease of payment
  • Apple TV is building prominence
  • Planning satellite technology to lower the cost of iPhones while speeding up connections.
  • Word has it that Apple is partnering with top-rated engineers to move the satellite benefits forward
  • Help and warranties are available anytime
The Amazon Focus
  • Notifications track the shipment of your  orders coupled with prompt delivery
  • Provide easy return procedures if the purchase is not to your satisfaction
  • Record of order history for ease of future purchases
  • List of similar products and comparisons
  • Testimonials for all to see and compare
  • Card-less shopping in stores
  • Potential drone delivery

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Your Story:  Are You Ready to Improve Results?

Please take comfort in the fact that you are not alone when it comes to distraction.  The fires and hurricanes, in addition to the Covid-19 virus, have most struggling with giving attention to work.  Should stress take over, take time away from the computer to cook, do an art project, or a crossword puzzle.  Sometimes, using the opposite side of the brain helps us to relax a bit more.

While in the state of relaxation, let your mind wander to consider how you are ready to improve results. Business structure is changing in a variety of ways. Give thought to:

  • How you might change your business or career?
  • Which new elements can you add to your entrepreneurship?
  • With whom can you collaborate to boost business to a higher level?
  • How is your industry changing, and how do you see future client needs?
  • Can you create new products and services to accommodate the latest technology trends?

Include Pricing Structure In Your Revision

Specific research methods, such as the Gabor Granger survey technique, have been developed to help companies get the best price for their products while maximizing sales.

This technique can help you determine whether you can increase the price of your product without affecting sales.  You can also use it to identify the price point where demand is likely to decline and, most importantly, the optimal price for the most significant expected revenue.

Admittedly, research takes time and can incur certain costs, but the potential increase in revenue is easily worth it.  Rather than constantly underpricing your project or losing too many customers through overpricing, this survey will help you to find the ideal price point without any painful teething errors.

As you begin to consider your next moves, take notes on the more inspiring thoughts.  Share your insights with trusted peers to expand upon the main idea.  Figure out how you can put a more motivating plan into action.  Should you feel motivation returning, know that you are onto something potentially good!

Sales Tips:  Ready to Improve Results
  1. Read the business news daily.
  2. Recognize the changes coming and how you might adapt
  3. Take a fearless step to change jobs, career, or begin a new venture
  4. Study appropriate coursework
  5. Hire a mentor
  6. Be in the company of encouragers and those willing to help
  7. Create a plan that includes goals with timelines
  8. Monitor your progress
  9. Commit to tweaking what does not work
  10. Celebrate Success!


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