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NOTE: Today’s story, ”Are You Ready to Shift Energy and Double Sales?  The 15 Second Tip,” is provided by Victoria Buckmann.

Victoria Buckmann is a Speaker, Intuitive Business Coach,  Creator of the S.A.L.E.S. Magic Method, and theFounder of Women’s Power & Prosperity Alliance 


The question, ‘Are You Ready to Shift Energy and Double Sales?:  The 15 Second Tip’ ~ sounds quick, doesn’t it? It is. And it’s super simple too, – yet mighty!

We get dressed, we comb our hair (well, most of us). We look in a mirror, and we think about what we might say – or not say. Then we’re out the door, or more so lately, sitting down at our computers to pull up zoom.

What most forget is that we are energy. Everything is energy. How often do you stop and think, hmmm, where is my energy today? And I don’t mean how energetic you are feeling. I mean, what energy are you sending out. What energy are you exuding without even realizing it?

The Reason To Be Ready To Shift Energy

We all send out energy when we show up somewhere, even online. And people feel it even if they aren’t aware of it. The energy you hold goes out to the people you interact with and your potential clients before speaking with them.  

Can you remember a time when you walked into an empty room and felt a yucky feeling, hot or heavy energy. You instantly knew that someone had a heated exchange or argument in that room before you got there. You could feel it. No doubt your were ready to shift energy!

The above is what I refer to when I say people feel your energy before saying a word. People are wired to pick up on your energy, whether it’s positive or negative. It is why it’s crucial to uplift your energy before you speak with potential clients, even on Zoom. 

So when you become aware of this fact and make sure you are sending out the energy you want to hold so that clients want to work with you, what do you do?

Get grateful! 

By getting into a state of gratitude, you easily and quickly become ready to shift your energy. Your energy will rise – high energy attracts others to you. 

Think of something or someone you’re super grateful for; get an accurate, clear picture of that in your mind. Now feel the gratitude in your body. Feel it from your head down to your toes. (Hint: This also grounds you) .

Your energy will shift and get you into a ‘high vibe frequency’ within seconds. And you become ‘attractive.’ 

In addition, your comfort level will increase in seconds. That’ll affect your potential client’s energy too. They will also feel more comfortable. 

Do This to Get Ready To Shift Energy:

Here’s a tip to getting into this high vibe gratitude state: I like to stand when I do this. After feeling gratitude, I imagine myself being a clear channel. Stand and empty all your thoughts and concerns. Visualize them running away from you, through your feet, and down into the center of the Earth. 

Next, I ask to be a clear conduit for the person or group I am about to speak. I ask to hold positive energy to resonate with them and help them for their highest and best good. 

This simple exercise – feeling grateful, emptying, and coming from a place of service takes about 15 seconds, and it affects your energy in powerful ways that you can feel. 

Whether you’re having a conversation with one other person or speaking to a group, the most important thing you can do is lead with your energy.

The act of checking in with your energy and lifting it a little higher every time you interact with potential clients will have you doubling your number of clients, your sales, and increasing your income in a short amount of time.

When I worked for the phone company, I used this technique every time I talked with someone. Before I went out to see a client, when I spoke with someone over the phone or had a face-to-face meeting online, I took a few seconds to think about something that I was grateful for and gave my energy a quick lift. I quickly rose to #1 in sales in my company, hitting 1000% of my sales quota month-after-month, year-after-year for over a decade. I went from making a modest income to a lucrative one. It was easy, fun, and effective, and all my clients loved me.

I encourage you to give this a try. It might sound too simple or easy, as you get ready to shift energy.  However, I guarantee you it works!



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Sales Tips: Ready to Refocus 

  1. Be still to take in all of your surroundings and keenly listen.
  2. Gain the perspective of those you meet with first.
  3. Ask many questions to gain deeper insight.
  4. Upon being in disagreement with a statement inquire about the person’s experience.
  5. Still uncertain whether to proceed, ask ‘what if…?’
  6. Attempt to find middle-ground to continue the conversation.
  7. Exchange stories to find commonalities.
  8. Recognize whether it is a good match to do business.
  9. Feel a positive energy alignment before agreeing to work together.
  10. Celebrate Success!


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