Attract The Right Job Or Clientele:

The question, are you ready to update your perspective, came to mind after attending an event and sharing the picture below. The first immediate response to my photo was, the area sure didn’t look like that when I was growing up!

Being witness to change in business practices, city growth, and online platforms emphasize the need to be ready to update our unique perspectives.

Updating our perspective provides insight for updating negotiation tactics.

My Story

It was a privilege to be attending the automotive F&I Roundtable event last week. Up until I met the people associated with the event, I held a negative view of the industry for many years. The event had me answering, are you ready to update your perspective?  






The sunrise over the Inner Harbor Waterfront, Baltimore MD, was captured before the day’s conference. Growing up in Baltimore, my friend exclaimed, it sure didn’t look like that when I lived there! She is ready to update her perspective upon seeing the picture.

Willing To Update My Original Perspective

With a need on occasion to find the right family car, I would walk into the showrooms to test drive a variety of automobiles. However, the reception toward women was appalling. The car salesmen thought they could take advantage of my perceived innocence. They were sorry they ever tried manipulating me.

The Condensed Version of My Favorite Worst Car Dealer Story:

One sales manager advertised his personal car for sale. It was just what my family and I wanted. My son and I took the automobile out for a drive. The engine stopped at every red light, and the car jerked down the road. It was apparent the sales manager never spent the time to service his vehicle.

I offered 50% less than his asking price. The manager refused to accept it. I shamed him into taking a test drive with us. The halting and jerking of the car continued. Once back in the office, I made the same offer and upped the urgency of my proposal.

The manager refused to answer how many people already made an offer. No response came forth. I reconfirmed the down economy. I offered to get $1 bills or any other denomination he prefers. But I would not spend a penny more than my offer because the maintenance was yet to come. Fortunately, we knew the right mechanics.

Shockingly, the sales manager began banging his head up and down on his desk repeatedly while yelling, ‘Why Me?’! We walked away with the car at my offered price.

Story Conclusion

A week later, I received a phone call. The sales manager asked if I would like a sales job in his dealership. He said I could outsell any of the men on the floor. I politely said no thank you. His lack of ethics would be the last place I would accept work.

A New Era

The people who spoke at the F&I roundtable event are remarkable. Each person enjoys admiration in their industry. They portray ethics, leadership, and work to ensure a team environment in their dealerships. Last, an attorney spoke advising the attendees on a better way for dealerships to operate and avoid lawsuits. All of the insights shared lead to a loyal clientele.  

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Your Story: Are You Ready To Update Your Perspective?

As time moves forward, it is natural to develop habits and form our thought. However, as society and technology change, we need to do the same. Otherwise, our comfort zone will leave us far behind the industry trends.

Consider if you:

  • Keep up with new trends and advances
  • Recognize how artificial intelligence and machine learning may affect your job or career
  • Continue to observe and learn from others in your field
  • Remain committed to continued education in multiple forms
  • Regularly exchange ideas and insights with trusted peers

While you answer the above questions, answer these three:

  1. Are you ready to update your perspective, and review your goals?
  2. Is your vision not distant enough?
  3. Do your goals need to extend further beyond where you have them, today?

Making a habit of re-setting your goals to reach a long-term vision will have you achieving far more than ever thought possible. At the same time, consider the parallel tracks that will bring in additional revenue. By examining all the possibilities, you will be in a position to make further advancement.

Be brave, be relentless, and instill ethics to motivate and inspire those around you.

Sales Tips: Are You Ready To Update Your Perspective?
  1. Admit to yourself if further education will be helpful
  2. Prioritize the learning pieces that will advance your business or career
  3. Begin giving people the credit that you previously withheld
  4. Improve listening and questioning skills
  5. Reevaluate the standard of ethics surrounding you
  6. Assist so others may improve their delivery
  7. Share best practices with your peers
  8. Create a monthly discipline to review and revise practices
  9. The beginning of every 4th quarter, raise the bar for next year’s achievement
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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