Some people are so focused on their own goals; they are unwittingly stopping client loyalty. They fail to consider how their communication is being received. It is the thought-provoking conversations designed to become familiar with one another’s thinking will differentiate us from most.

The extra step, also a winning strategy, is becoming known for integrity.

My Story About Client Loyalty

The better instruction given to me on my first job was to strive to become an order taker. Asking for more details, I learned that when clients believe you are working on their behalf, they will be the ones who offer a surprise call along with a request for extra services.

While the concept could sound too good to be true, my goal was to be liked by clients. I checked in with my prospects and clients every step of the way. Adding favor are inquiries about family, pets, vacations, wish lists and anything else that comes to mind.

The questions produce not only professionally personal conversations but the ability to sell in our unique way. I was elevated to the position of a welcome guest.

Instead of fulfilling a check-list on appointments, enjoy the conversations.

I never forgot the idea of becoming an order taker. On my fourth job, sales significantly improved. By the second quarter, the phone began ringing with requests for additional purchases. As the third quarter arrived, I became known as ‘the order taker.’

The extra caution is to never become comfortable with only the incoming calls. Being proactive at all times puts us at the top of the sales scoreboard.

As one who habitually builds bonds with others while selling has me in disbelief as I experience or hear about the missteps of others. The exact opposite stories provide better lessons today for what not to do.

Three Stories About Stopping Client Loyalty:
  1.  A salesman bragged to his team about the money he was would make due to his ‘ripping off the client.’
    Result:  No doubt the client picked up on the salesman’s vibe and declined the service he was selling.
  2.  On a job interview, the Manager asked a candidate if he knew about a particular new technology. The candidate proudly said he was one of the few designated to be trained on it.
    Result:  The question was a test concerning integrity. The technology was not in existence, and the candidate failed.
  3. A businessperson known in town was selling her property. Nine months later a leak in the ceiling was discovered. Upon opening the ceiling, a tinfoil pan was seen in place collecting the dripping water. The leak was never disclosed. Instead, the motive was to hide the plumbing problem from the buyer.
    Result:  The seller’s reputation is at stake. Whichever service we provide, our success depends upon the satisfaction level of our clientele. Ensuring integrity at every turn is a good start. The better goal is to earn long-term client loyalty.

For additional insight read:

Your Story About Stopping Client Loyalty

The above three articles shed extra light on what clients are seeking from their representative. By replaying conversations every evening, and reviewing processes that did or did not work every Friday afternoon, you will continue to improve your effort.

Where many err is in ignoring the advice our clientele provides. Many businesspeople stick to the script and do not take into account suggestions or special requests. Life isn’t a script, and it is essential to be nimble enough to take unexpected action as needed.

Clients want to see from you:

  • Curiosity about their business and experiences via questions
  • Genuine interest in helping resolve issues plus make improvements
  • Listening to client suggestions and discussing varying perspectives
  • Following up and delivering as promised
  • Proof you are to be trusted

Integrity sits on both sides of the table. As you capture the verbiage of clients and they later deny the words, you know to walk away. Not every person is a good candidate, and desperation never turns out well.

Serve others with high esteem and expect the same in return. Doing so will have you becoming an order-taker too.

Sales Tips for Continuing Client Loyalty
  1. Research each company before a potential client meeting
  2. Get to know your prospective client first
  3. Inquire as to why you were invited in for a meeting
  4. Ask if the issue is new or if it has been on-going
  5. Together form a list of possible solutions
  6. Have the prospect prioritize their preferred ideas
  7. Ask who else in the company may offer input and suggest another meeting for all
  8. Before the next meeting, call to ask for additional questions and concerns
  9. Address everyone by name and make the meeting congenial by asking for everyone’s input.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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