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The number of our connections isn’t nearly as important as the quality that moves us to become Well-Connected. Most of us get that, yet those who are competitive with themselves (like me) always want to do better. Finally, I reached a milestone of which I was proud, but then another record was revealed that had me asking, are they open to teaching me how they do that?!

My Story

There appears to be a new feature on LinkedIn, and that is to show the number of views recent posts enjoy. It may be their way of addressing (and competing with) the retweets on Twitter and the ‘Likes’ on Facebook. My top number of views had colleagues saying, ‘Wow, that’s great!’ The statement was followed by, ‘You must be Well-Connected!’ I took the praise at face value and for a moment felt proud. The post is approaching 2,000 views and continues to climb a bit each day.


While in conversation with a family member, I learned one of her team members, Lisa, has a knack for garnering 12,000 views every time she posts. Instantly, I responded by asking if Lisa would be willing to share how she can attract such large numbers.

Learn from top performers to improve your game.

Unfortunately, the answer to my question was that Lisa is well-connected in the political arena and the views of posts all come from the support of colleagues. Lisa’s network is the defining moment for being well-connected: she has an incredible support group made up of her colleagues. Not only do they like and agree with what she has to say, but they voluntarily read her posts, and many take the time to share.

There are gems to be taken from the answer I received:

  • The person built a loyal network of peers and friends.
  • Colleagues read and share Lisa’s advice without being asked.
  • People who are familiar with Lisa boast about her brand and what she represents.

We all have something to gain as we contemplate how we may also build a highly admired brand. All else that we each desire will follow as we continue to strive to do our best. This all relates well to relationship selling; a recent post speaks to the question, Do You Encourage Client Loyalty?

Your Story

Undoubtedly, you have accomplishments of which you are proud whether current or from your past. Take time to examine from all angles the one accomplishment that has you smiling. Consider the unique ingredients, such as motivation, that you bake into your recipe for success. Now think about how you are applying those elements into today’s routine endeavors and far-reaching, long-term vision.

Regarding online followings:

  • Are you purposefully growing your connections with those who challenge and inspire you?
  • Do you voluntarily promote the efforts of those you admire?
  • Is sharing your success strategies a part of your overall strategy?
Be Competitive and Share?!

You may wonder how someone who is competitive would consider sharing the best of what they know. One effective strategy is to do just that; through trial and error learn the best strategies and then turn around to mentor others following in your footsteps. The competitive advantage becomes growing larger groups of supporters and doing so more quickly. As more and more people acknowledge your work, there will be a great many more shares and views. And soon recognition of you and your brand takes root.

While we may not be anywhere close to 12,000 views for our posts, we will be on the right track taking the above information seriously. As with any large project, the desire may change over time, but as we put one foot in front of the other doing our best, the right direction will arrive as our new brilliant idea comes to light.

Sales Tips
  1. Applaud the people who do exceptionally well.
  2. Observe and learn from those who precede you.
  3. Adapt the better strategies to your style for continued authenticity.
  4. Upon discovering the best ways to proceed, mentor those following you.
  5. Voluntarily share insights and wisdom of others.
  6. Connect with those who motivate and inspire you.
  7. See who in your network voluntarily supports and shares your information.
  8. Reciprocate in kind sharing insights of your peers.
  9. Continue to learn, try and grow to achieve your distant vision.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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