Attract The Right Job Or Clientele:

You can arouse curiosity in your prospects by asking intriguing questions.  The first step for getting started is to gain some familiarity ahead of time.  Your upfront research pays dividends with future business.

Don’t just do the job; do the work necessary that develops admiration.

My Story:  Do You Arouse Curiosity In Your Prospects?

Questions we pose of ourselves come first.  Doing so puts our strategy planning into proper order. Upon listing the potential clients we desire, the first question to answer is, ‘why do I want to do business with this prospective client?’  

For example, early in my career, I wanted a sampling of Fortune 100 and 500 companies as clients.  With the desire to meet my goals, these were the personal why’s:

  1. Proving to myself I can do it
  2. Larger companies are more likely to provide repeat business
  3. Placing the well-recognized companies as clients on my resume 

The Prospect’s Perspective Is First

Understanding our personal ‘why’s’ will enable us to ask questions that arouse client curiosity.  Why?  The research prompts questions about the prospect and business to use upon contacting each.   It is their interests that are is to be first in line.  

Company Reviews and Ratings:

  • If the prospect is highly respected, determine what they do differently
  • Should the company appear lower in the ratings, recognize the issues 
  • What do their clients and reviews say about them?

Once the questions and answers come together, it is easier to create a subject of interest for each prospect.  Again, it’s very time-consuming upfront.  However, as I began to do all of this, a turn of events started to occur.   

I began to establish my authority and personal brand.

By selecting one industry to research and analyzing the players, over time, I became familiar with the problems in addition to the good.  However, I never attempted to speak with authority.  Instead, I turned the knowledge into questions that aroused curiosity.

A few examples of questions:

  1. Your company achievements caught my attention, and I was wondering if we can set time aside to talk. I represent the GHI company, and would like to learn more about your work.
  2. Your website is impressive, and I have a few questions if you have time now or if a future date is better. I’m with the GHI company and would like to discuss a possible idea.
  3. One statement on your site caught my attention, and, at your convenience, I’d like to learn more. I represent the GHI company and look forward to having a conversation with you.

What stands out in the sample of questions above is that the prospect’s interest comes first.  By posing a question to their interest upfront, they are more inclined to say yes to a conversation.  The added bonus is asking if now is a good time or is the preference to set a date.  This style of communication will arouse curiosity in your prospects.

Mind Over Matter Matters.’

It is an honor to have been a guest on the Scale Your Sales Podcast, Janice B. Gordon Host.  Our conversation provides additional examples for you to consider.

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Your Story:  Do You Arouse Curiosity In Your Prospects?

Upon researching your prospective client and their industry, do more than memorize the facts.  The intrigue begins with you.  Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which prospects interest me the most, and ‘why’?
  • What are the most likely points of interest for each prospect?
  • How can we connect our areas of interest?
  • What is the better question to ask each that will arouse curiosity?
  • Am I open to listening and clarifying what each person has to say?

Your willingness to answer the questions and prepare yourself for a high energy conversation will help influence others also to listen.  When you build credibility and trust ahead of time by doing your research, you increase the odds of furthering the conversation.

Further pointers to consider when on initial calls are:

  • Admit what you do not know, but will find the answer
  • Acknowledge what you cannot do while adding in which areas you excel
  • Inquire whether you have permission to proceed

Using questions and answers for advancing the conversation will increase the likelihood of doing business. And once you receive an agreement for proceeding, you are far more likely to earn the current plus future business.

Sales Tips:  Do You Arouse Curiosity In Your Prospects?

  1. Ask questions to sell well
  2. Ask permission to begin a conversation
  3. Have prospects tell you what needs to improve
  4. Clarify anything you do not fully understand
  5. Inquire as to whether your complicated answer is understood
  6. Inquire about further issues to provide a complete solution
  7. Recap the conversation and determine if a topic is missing
  8. Confirm the day and time for follow-up
  9. Ask who else is involved with the decision, and if they can attend the next meeting
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s Blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


      “It is not who you know – it is who knows you and what your expertise can do for them plus understands the value of hiring you.” 

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