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Do You Believe History Repeats Itself?

Whether or not you believe history repeats itself, we can apply the lessons to leadership and business. Due to the pandemic, we are privy to the Great Resignation, and many wonder what is to come next.

Traditional approaches to employees and work are up for debate. Sometimes it is good to think back to older times to determine the progress that we may have made, where we are today, and what may lie ahead.

The privilege was mine to join a small group and visit the new Military Museum located in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Military Docents were on hand to meet and greet, answer questions, and provide tours. Upon visiting the Army Museum, there is much to learn that can and should apply to business and society. 

 I was immediately taken in by the beautiful and colorful ceiling display to snap the picture you see above. My friend and Army Veteran, Greg Jenkins, explains the decorative ceiling:

“The ceiling decorations are representations of ribbons and medals awarded to soldiers throughout their careers for various deployments, combat duty, or other recognition of performance and or excellence.

The unknown facts about George Washington and the dilemma he faced among peers and his reports are in a movie on exhibit. I did not know that Washington was close to needing to deal with a rebellion. Modeling leadership of the best kind, he did not give up. 

Refusing to quit, Washington spoke to his peers and ultimately those in his charge sharing the startling news that he was almost blind. He suggested that they may face the same one day but firmly advised against being blindsided. He united and rallied the troops to combat those not in favor of our independence by using emotion and intelligent discourse. Because of Washington’s bravery and that of his reports, the United States came to be.

The layout of the varying museum displays is both artistic and informative, providing a new perspective regarding previous thoughts. The mere fact that Washington successfully led our troops to overcome defeat, while close to being blind, confirms the following:

  • Disability does not need to prevent one from accomplishments they desire.
  • Effective leadership embraces equality among all.
  • Communicating with empathy can be a rallying cry for all to contribute the best they have.

The first display on the floor is equally impressive as it showcases people who gave their all to various military branches. Race, gender, and ethnicity are on full display, recalling our heroes. It’s a reminder that by employing diversity and encouraging inclusion, we can accomplish so much more. 

We can re-write history when our minds are open to it.

Heroes Are of All Types

  • As a corporation or a small business owner, do you regard your employees as your heroes? 
  • Do you celebrate each or at least show appreciation whenever possible? 
  • Do you act as a commander in chief who leads by encouraging your employees not to give up but to continue learning and moving forward no matter the circumstance?

 Moving from display to display and listening to our Docent provide historical insights was a profound experience. But one display stopped me in my tracks as I was in shock. I couldn’t stop myself from wondering, is it an indication, intuition, and-or a foreboding sign of what’s to come?

The warning I felt was in a number posted on the aircraft on display hanging from the ceiling. The number in question on the plane: 2025. The photo is below. You will see a man seated next to the open aircraft door pointing his machine gun down. 

Prediction or otherwise, 2025 will be with us soon.

Military Aircraft on Display

Our worldwide news continues to worsen with the pandemic, war, and hatred of others. Some are predicting a future nuclear war. Imagine what General Washington would think and say if he were to revisit our country?

My concerning question of the Docent: 

‘Is 2025 a prediction of war to come?’

And then the following lyrics to the song, 2525, by Zager and Vans, 1968, came to mind

           ‘In the year 2525…If man is still alive…If woman can survive…”

The Docent was surprised upon hearing my question about the meaning of 2025 engraving. He stopped in his tracks to explain that each aircraft number is visible to ensure each participant enters the right one.

The notion that history repeats itself can be ominous and a stark warning. 

I visited archaeological digs in Athens, Greece; Pompeii, Italy; and Masada near the Dead Sea to name a few. We have NATO discerning what to do about the climate crisis, and it’s up for discussion whether we allow history to repeat itself and remain on track for an end to humankind.  

BUT history does not have to repeat itself if we are to step up modeling the leadership of General Washington. Now is the time for all business types to reconsider their relationships with those they encounter. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential for robust ideas and solutions for business. Instead of putting ego ahead of benefitting all, more people can thrive. Accordingly, the bottom line for business will thrive, too.

In Conclusion: Let’s learn the lessons from history, but not let history repeat itself. 

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Your Story: Do You Believe History Repeats Itself?

Take time to reflect if you are willing to contribute to a changing history for the better. What do you wish to improve? Similar to setting personal and business goals, begin viewing a community or societal effort in the same light.

We are fortunate to have social media as a tool for connecting globally. It is easier to find people with similar goals and desires to improve themselves and the world around us. The one qualifier is to review a person’s profile before asking to connect. Next, attempt to have a conversation at a time convenient for both of you. Upon realizing similar values and goals, you are now in a position to build a group, or an organization, with a dedication to improvement instead of believing history repeats itself, and there is nothing to be done to improve it.

Committing to continuing change is the only way to improve business, relationships, and other endeavors. Each evening review the good and bad encounters of the day and strive to improve tomorrow. By entertaining ideas from a diverse group and being inclusive of all, change will be in the making for the better. Begin listing what’s most important to you and never stop. Nothing is impossible when we give new ideas everything we have by continuing forward on the path.

It is imperative to find the trustworthy who can and will complement your work and encourage conversations for improvement. By committing to helping improve history, you can and will benefit many.

Sales Tips: Do You Believe History Repeats Itself?

  1. Learn from errors of the past.
  2. Embrace the strategies that people before you did well.
  3. Question anything you hear, read, or see for better understanding.
  4. Plan and prepare for improvement.
  5. Track results upon implementing a new strategy.
  6. Create a diverse and inclusive group with which to brainstorm.
  7. As an employer, ensure people in the same role receive fair and equal pay.
  8. As an executive, train and encourage employees to become leaders.
  9. Give recognition to everyone who contributes to the well-being of your business.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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