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A surprise email from Jason after a long while and a conversation had him saying, ‘I believe in karma.’ Many years have passed since we initially met at a business class and several years since speaking to one another.

Old acquaintances should be brought to mind.

My Story

When Jason and I initially met, Nice Girls DO Get the Sale was in the process of being published. The purpose of our call was to hear my advice about writing books and the benefits of seeking out a publishing house.

Similar to working with prospective clients, I asked questions of Jason to gain a better understanding of his goals for writing a book. And then I inquired about his current experience and in which direction he plans to take his growing company.

I was almost speechless upon realizing he and one new contact of mine can potentially become business partners. The possibilities surrounding the introduction between a new and a long-time acquaintance are enormous. I look forward to hopefully making something good materialize.

He then revealed that during our extended time of silence with one another, he worked for a well-known Fortune 100 company. Listening further, he spoke of the department heads that he knows well and remains in touch. Another friend, Don, works at the same company and is seeking to change departments. The people Jason knows are the very people Don wants to meet. Karma!

Digging deeper, we exchanged further ideas of introductions and how to position Jason’s forthcoming book. Our conversation showcases all the reasons why it is essential to check in occasionally with past prospects, peers, and current clients. The same applies to hiring managers and recruiters.  As time passes, circumstances change and frequently enable us to find more reason to work together.

Develop Sales Karma

There are two ways to look at being lucky or having karma develop around us. My take is that to be lucky or experience karma requires work on the back end. I advocate getting in touch with past prospects who never reached the finish line for an official sale.

A good habit is to contact someone the moment they come to mind. Our communication style will either receive a negative or positive response.

Two recommended sentences in using your unique vocabulary will help develop the conversation:

  1.  “I was thinking of you.”
  2. “If you like, I look forward to learning what is new on your end and share my updates.”

Usually, relaxed communication will inspire a new conversation and potential sale.

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Your Story: Do You Believe in Karma

It’s likely someone’s name came to mind in recent weeks. Did you decide to ignore the moment or did you choose to reconnect? Keep in mind that good sales karma appears when we take action.

Our communication style can either negatively or positively impact a hopeful outcome. Empathy and curiosity provide a better success rate for advancing the conversation.

Do You:

  • State upfront, ‘I was thinking of you’
  • Inquire if it is a good time to talk
  • Ask your contact what is new
  • Hear out the person’s entire update for determining new possibilities
  • Connect the dots with your news and ask if there is interest in a new meeting?

Embrace the fact that most people light up when they hear we were thinking of them. Even if the original communication did not end particularly well, times and people change. Never be embarrassed to try again.

Most people are impressed by the bravery of choosing to believe in karma.. They welcome a sincere give and take of conversation. Seeing the effort you put in including taking a chance on their behalf, will often influence a new decision in your favor.

Sales Tips: Believe In Karma
  1. Create a list of all the people you previously enjoyed meeting
  2. Make it a daily habit of reconnecting with one previous prospect or client
  3. Before contact, research the company to be up to date.
  4. Let the person know you were thinking of them and researched their news
  5. Before ending a conversation, ask if the person would like to continue the discussion
  6. Discover new areas where you may be able to improve the current situation
  7. Ask your contact for the better date and time to continue the conversation
  8. Mark your calendar for punctual follow-up
  9. Each evening reflect on the day’s conversation for improvement
  10. Celebrate Success!
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