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Attract The Right Job Or Clientele:

It took me a long time to switch from being competitive to realizing I need to collaborate for everyone to achieve more. Every decision we make affects our future. And the one decision to instill a collaborative effort continues to bring forth remarkable opportunities.

From embracing communication tools to doing courses such as an introduction to TOGAF by Simplilearn, there are lots of ways you can move your business forward and embrace a more collaborative environment.

My entrepreneurship began with learning how to network at gatherings effectively. One of the differentiators for some is not only to ask what individuals do, but who they believe will be a helpful introduction. Not always, but sometimes the question encourages introductions to our benefit, too.  

Sharing The Awful Stories Is One Way To Collaborate For Everyone To Achieve More.

It was my author journey that began at a networking event. The advice was to write a book to establish credibility. I did just that to have Nice Girls DO Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results published. The stories capture the shameful corporate experiences I endured. I share with readers how I focused on my clientele instead of following the traditional sales training methods. Accordingly, I was the top sales producer at almost every place of employment.  

However, the writing’s initial concern was whether or not to share the embarrassing moments facing me at each establishment. After crossing my fingers, I spelled out each painful incident. But, more important, I wrote in detail how I overcame those obstacles. I took the risk to help those following in my footsteps more easily overcome similar issues.  

Nice Girls quickly became an International Best-Seller, and today it is evergreen. The book generated many speaking engagements and additional outstanding connections.  It is all due to taking a chance to reveal the tales and how I overcame each obstacle. I share all this to demonstrate that each decision does affect our future.  

It was always my mission to fight for equal employment, pay, and rights. Ever since childhood, I would argue that it wasn’t fair for females to be treated differently from men. All I heard was that life isn’t fair, and there is nothing we can do about it. As a young teenager, my reply was, ‘But if we band together, we can make a difference.’ The response was, ‘That will never happen!’  But, when we collaborate for everyone to achieve more, change happens.

Thankfully, It Is Happening!

Very slowly but surely, it appears that some change is beginning to take place. We still have a long road ahead of us. Some years ago, I received a fantastic invitation to deliver a keynote at the International Women’s Conference in San Francisco. The conference was a remarkable collection of talented and inspiring women.  Their dedication is to improving women’s status worldwide. While we each have our unique talent and experiences, we commit ourselves to the same purpose.

To this day, I continue to connect to collaborate for everyone to achieve more through social platforms. Surprisingly, my messaging attracted one woman’s interest. She is associated with The WIN ~ Women’s Information Network. During an initial conversation and hearing about their activities, I connected the dots. Dr. Paula Fellingham has worked relentlessly to improve the status of women worldwide. Three former Presidents and Colin Powell endorse her tireless work.  

Paula is the one who created the International Women’s Conference. Her business continues to grow full steam ahead. This year’s event will be available online. You may learn more by clicking the link below. To my delight, I will be speaking virtually once again for the Women’s International Conference.

“The more we connect with people who hold a similar mission, the more probable it becomes to achieve our goals.”

Paula Fellingham’s Story:

Paula Fellingham, Founder, WomensInformationNetwork and Founder, GlobalProsperityandPeaceInitiative 

Our Message To All:

Honoring the pioneer ladies of International Women’s Day, the team at InternationalWomen’ recognizes and applauds the contributions of so many courageous women – from many nations – throughout the past 100+ years. We celebrate the advancement of women’s rights in all areas of life, with the acknowledgment, there is still much progress to be made and work to be done.

In many parts of the world, women still live in fear and have fewer rights than imaginable. We appreciate those who have sacrificed to pave a smoother and safer path for the women of today. And the work on behalf of our girls; the women of tomorrow.

We at celebrate women’s lives everywhere – women of all nations, all cultures, all beliefs. 2021 is the 110th anniversary of this global women’s holiday. One hundred fifty-six countries celebrate International Women’s Day as a national holiday.  Click this link to read the Historical Background.

We’re SO excited about celebrating on March 5 – 8, and we invite you to JOIN WITH US on those days!

We recognize the strength of every woman. We believe that together we can – WE WILL – fulfill the century-old vision of the International Women’s Day Founders to stand firmly together as we do all we can to create a better, more peaceful world.

Women, this is our time to RISE!

Thankfully, women coming together to unite for a similar cause is upon us. And over time, my goals blossomed into working toward diversity and inclusion.


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Your Story:  Collaborate For Everyone To Achieve More

Please consider joining us – let’s collaborate to achieve more!  

As noted above, when you are willing to change habits and thought, new opportunities arise. Consider these questions as you consider your previous experiences:

  • Are you open to hearing out those who hold varying thoughts?  
  • Are you willing to occasionally try out a new idea?
  • Do you balance giving and sharing?
  • Are new and better opportunities coming your way?
  • Are you ready to track and verify the results for new attempts?

The follow-up questions are: 

  • Do you merely work a job or your entrepreneurship, or do you interweave your mission into it?  
  • Of all the seemingly impossible ideas, what would you ultimately like to achieve or be a part of the effort?
  • Is there a community with a similar mission that you might join to help make a more robust contribution?

When we join forces with others, there is additional motivation to be of service plus achieve what we set out to do. Take time to consider groups that look of interest and test becoming involved with one. Not every group will prove to be the best match. But as we continue trying, the better ones are to be found.

Sales Tips: Collaborate for everyone to achieve more
  1. Read profiles before asking to connect
  2. Seek out similarities before you reach out to another
  3. Speak to the commonalities upon asking to connect
  4. Upon connecting, ask what motivated the person to enter their profession
  5. Listen for possibilities to help promote one another
  6. Inquire about interest in types of introductions
  7. Make the referrals and check to see how they went
  8. Provide updates for the referrals you receive
  9. Collaborate with your connections on broader missions to move forward
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!




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