Attract The Right Job Or Clientele:

Being judgmental can kill our reputation and business by not giving thought to whom you are speaking.  Instead of putting others and their ideas down, it is best to come to an understanding of their ‘why.’ Even if we don’t agree, we gain insight into how others think. Eventually, our audience reach will widen as we are better able to target our communications.

Part two of not judging others is that we each have a starting point. Over time, we learn what does not work, which leads us to what works best. Experience is the best teacher, and when we pay attention, we put ourselves on a faster track toward success. It is essential to know to whom you are speaking and where they are in their journey.

“Today may not be the right time to join forces, but tomorrow is another day.”


We each experience highs and lows; how we handle them forecasts our future.”

My Story

Timing can be everything for sales success. Timing affects:

  1. Budgets for buying
  2. The right place and the right time
  3. Strategic planning

Corporate sales taught me to ask many questions of the prospective client to determine if ‘down the road’ may be a better timeframe. Embracing an open door policy for business is an excellent approach for grooming clientele. It does not matter to whom you are speaking; but what does matter is to be respectful.

Those on the corporate teams who desperately push sales, lose out on many opportunities. Experience shows that the act of not forcefully pushing a sale, but asking questions instead, frequently encourages a continuing dialogue over time. The open-door policy is friendly and contributes to filling the sales pipeline.

More importantly, when we know to whom we are speaking on multiple levels, the decision is often made in our favor. So when we come across seemingly low-level employees or beginning entrepreneurs, a patient and warm tone of voice do wonders to encourage meetings and further introductions.

As entrepreneurs, our willingness to provide appropriate introductions and offers of help usually rewards us with an increase in positive word of mouth and an admired brand. In the entrepreneurial world, we do far better to keep an open door for those who come into our lives and then seemingly disappear. Sometimes we exhaust every collaborative opportunity as new ideas on either side no longer complement those of one another. Often, we read that if something is meant to be, it will arrive. However, ‘later’ can take far longer than we expect.

Commit To The Open Door Policy

Just the past week, I reconnected with five people of long ago, and for the better. We were each at the beginning phase when we met. Some were further along in recognition. Uniformly, none of us saw our future destiny nor knew to whom we were speaking!

As all of our collaborative ideas vanished, we parted ways on good terms. Many years passed us. However, as my old friends noticed a new project of mine, they reached out to send congratulatory notes. We are good friends at heart. Upon seeing my announcement of working with LinktoExpert, these five individuals wrote to say, let’s reconnect.

We are now in the admiration stage of the advancements each of us has made. Long ago, I spoke at a WIN Conference (Women’s Information Network) held in San Francisco. The warm reception was remarkable. But more so was the caliber of people in the audience and those participating as vendors. It was a special moment in time.

Since that time, communication faded, but today we are reconnecting at a higher level. Dr. Fellingham has visited 49 countries and has been endorsed by three Presidents.  She strives to help women boost their self-esteem, and contributions to society. It is an honor to be exploring ways in which we may work together to improve the status of women worldwide.

By keeping the open door policy, we are expanding our networks and endeavors further than we could have ever imagined. Our reconnecting prompted today’s blog, Do You Know To Whom You Are Speaking?

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Your Story: Do You Know To Whom You Are Speaking?

Starting in any endeavor can be overwhelming with the need to study after work plus create an income. The extra stress can make us irritable and short with people we do not know well. Worse is when some will scoff at our ideas with little knowledge of our background. Similar to teaching a child how to cross the street, it’s time for everyone to ‘stop, look, and listen.’





In your quiet time, consider past networking events. Did you:

  • Speak poorly of another to someone else in the room
  • Rudely dismiss someone
  • Kindly offer a suggestion or two for improvement
  • Provide an introduction to another
  • Seek out collaborative partners?

When people behave as if they are superior, they work alone. But when we treat others as equals and as having knowledge that others don’t, doors of opportunity open. The other side of picking out potential partners is to verify the behaviors of others are in alignment with yours. It’s helpful to always recognize to whom you are speaking.

In addition to engaging conversations after an event, invest time to do the following:

  • Review the person’s online profile
  • Visit their website to recognize their audience
  • Verify their work and type of clientele
  • Read testimonials
  • Confirm this is the person with whom you might collaborate

You gain nothing by rushing decisions. As you thoughtfully investigate the potential of working with others, the right partners will admire the effort put in. The upfront work is another qualifier for doing business together.

Last, commit to keeping the door of opportunity open. While someone may initially appear to be at a deficient level, you never really know to whom you are speaking!

Sales Tips: To Whom You Are Speaking
  1. Approach new people by asking what they do
  2. Comment on what catches your interest most
  3. Ask for clarification if you don’t understand something
  4. Expand upon the areas you may have in common
  5. Inquire how you might assist the other person such as an introduction
  6. Exchange contact information so you can do research afterward
  7. Ask if a follow-up meeting is of interest
  8. Send a friendly note after the event to each person you meet
  9. Expand your possibilities pipeline
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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