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Why Cross-Cultural Adaptability Matters

NOTE: Robert Maisel provides today’s Guest Blog: Do You Know why Cross-Cultural Adaptability Matters?



Cross-Cultural Adaptability Matters

It took me years to realize why cross-cultural adaptability matters.

Since entering this world, I have always been curious about anything. But perhaps, I’m most curious about people. Who they are, where they come from, and why they behave the way they do. What do people believe in and why. My curiosity runs deep.

As I discovered my passion for traveling and began getting on more and more flights, I realized something significant. While we all have the same basic needs in life, we have different ways of getting them fulfilled. Our culture dictates a lot of this behavior. It is a significant clue that cross-cultural adaptability matters. Being the curious person I am, my interest in culture began to increase more and more over time.

I started conversing with the people I wanted to learn about on their home turfs. But I often encountered a significant barrier – we didn’t speak the same language. So what did I do? Did I allow it to stop me and halt my learning? No. Did I pull out a translator? Not right away.

The Cross-Cultural Adaptability Impact

Significant opportunities arise by learning the native language of the people with whom I want to connect. Ideally, possibilities come about in their native country, state, and/or region. Through learning new languages, I have created groundbreakingly powerful connections worldwide.

I can have authentic and genuine conversations that come from the heart. Why? Because the other person doesn’t have to worry about translating their ideas into another language. And they respect the fact that I make an effort to connect with them in their primary language! I appreciate their culture, so they reciprocate by respecting mine.

As curiosity pulled together my passions for travel, cultures, and languages, I realized I had developed quite a unique skill set. In addition to learning new languages, I developed communication, observational, empathetic, and self-awareness skills that enhanced my cultural fluidity. I can be dropped off anywhere in the world. I’m able to figure out how to connect and create rapport with those around me quickly. I have discovered, honed, and harnessed the ability to adapt on the fly.

My strategy is to learn about and adapt to the location’s culture, combining it with my personality to create a unique blueprint for successful relationship building. By doing this, I can work with others from anywhere in the world to accomplish whatever we want or need to get done. Cross-culture adaptability is powerful.

And if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • Why should this skill-set interest you?
  • Why does it matter?
  • What importance does it hold in your life?

These highly refined cross-cultural adaptability skills have helped me to learn and grow. They have deepened my communication with others from many different locations. And I have been changing the world, one interaction at a time.

Cross-Cultural Adaptability Benefits

I have created and maintained strong bonds and cross-cultural connections by better understanding others and allowing others to understand me better. And by fostering and strengthening these connections, I have found that we can succeed at nearly anything we want to do in life. We gain access to the world’s most valuable resource — people. But not just people we know but people we don’t know. People from all over the world. People from all walks of life.

Do you want to create a business but need suppliers in Colombia? Make genuine connections by learning some Spanish and get to know the people you want to collaborate with on a deep level.

Need contacts in Tokyo but don’t know anyone there? Demonstrate an understanding (even a basic one will do) of Japanese culture. You will be shocked by how much respect you will gain.

So it has become clear to me that by:

  1. Keeping an open mind
  2. Listening to others carefully
  3. Seeking to understand them genuinely

We can create fulfilling and meaningful connections. And by learning the native language of others (or even just a few phrases), we can further enhance those connections.

From Business to World Peace

The implications of my vision extend well beyond the business world. The benefits of worldwide cross-cultural adaptability and understanding can create great strides toward world peace. ‘But how so?’ you may ask.

Because violence often stems from hatred. And much hatred arises from fear. And much of that fear comes from the unknown. By replacing what we don’t know about others with a better understanding of them, fear will fade, along with hatred and violence. Then, the prospect of worldwide peace enters the picture just over the horizon. And becomes an attainable reality.

World peace will not happen overnight, and it will not happen quickly. But with a focused effort toward understanding others authentically and thoughtfully, we can indeed open the channels of communication, leading to a better understanding of one another. And when we better understand one another, we gain respect for one another. We no longer want to harm the other person. We see them as an ally rather than an enemy. And we don’t fight our allies.

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Communicate to Attract Interest

Be A Story-Teller

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Sales Tips: Cross-Cultural Adaptability Matters

  1. Plan a trip to visit another culture.
  2. Select a country that intrigues you.
  3. Decide if you want to visit a beach, ancient ruins, or somewhere known for its cuisine.
  4. Going somewhere that increases curiosity will encourage conversation with the residents.
  5. Enjoy the cuisine while recognizing the varying ingredients from your hometown.
  6. Visit the tourist sites.
  7. Research specialty tours to learn more.
  8. Consider renting a room from someone versus a hotel room.
  9. Seek out friendly people and quality conversations.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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