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Attract The Right Job Or Clientele: 

At first glance, we may think the question, ‘Do you perform to succeed?’ brings up an image of being on stage. ‘All the world is a stage,’ is a famous line stated by Shakespeare. Our careers demand we perform to succeed.  However, it is essential to know that what and how we communicate are the differentiators for building relationships and trust; everything else, including sales, will follow. 

Multiple perspectives apply per being on stage, yet, we can learn much from the actors we enjoy. Better contestants, such as the ones that we see on American Idol, have much to teach.

After a performance, it can be humiliating to stand on stage with many thousands watching, all the while hearing critiques. Those who listen will tweak their performance time and again, and do well. Most face early elimination. But those who improve their delivery on their own time will eventually become known artists. It is the effort that we each put in ahead of time that helps us perform to succeed.

Whether a partner in an orchestra, a supporting or main actor-actress, a rap star, a motivational speaker, or whoever else  performs their best for audiences to rave reviews, will have much to teach those with the desire to grow a robust business and clientele. It all depends on delivering one’s best to one’s core audience, which craves what the performers give. The realization is that no one begins as a star performer. On a positive note, it takes years of practice and improvement for any of us to answer the question, ‘Do you perform to succeed?’

My Story

In the early days of any career or endeavor, I would repeatedly question myself and on occasion say, ‘it’s of no use.’ Thankfully, the options were no better or some even worse, so I continued my way.

Long ago, I enjoyed the puppet character, Guy Smiley of Sesame Street. He was the piano player who would bang his head on the keyboard repeatedly and yell, ‘I’ll never get it…!” Many people feel the same way, but the differentiator for those who do succeed is persistence.

Another differentiator for those who succeed is to move aside from feeling sorry for themselves to figure out the next steps. I have so many next tries on my list of attempts that a calculator is necessary to count them. And the best companion to figuring out what may work better is to ignore the negativity around us. However, we are to pay attention to the repetitive messaging that we intuitively hear and stop to consider.  Those messages are our inner guides to continue forward on a better footing.

Three Communication Tips to Help You Perform to Succeed:

  1. Observation is an excellent teacher.

Observation arrives on many levels from a sales perspective. It includes listening to words spoken, body language, tone emphasis, and how people react to what you say and do. And by researching, hearing, and asking questions regarding our competitors, we have much to learn to improve our attempts in our unique style.

     2. Collaborate and provide help.

Moving from keeping an eye on my competitors to collaboration was scary for me. But working all by myself, I was almost getting nowhere. Upon a leap of faith, I joined a new group of people I did not know and in professions that made many ask, ‘what on earth are you doing?’  

Being in the group gave me more reasons why diversity is so important on many levels. I learned how to communicate with an entirely different group of people. They taught me how I could better help them achieve business growth and sales. Incorporating those insights into my repertoire helped to increase my audience.

    3. Share Stories

Throughout my tenuous career, professionals before me taught that by sharing our stories, people get to know us better, which encourages trust. It is story-sharing that allows prospective clients to see our human side. Doing so is an authentic way we may perform to succeed.

They then begin to share their stories. The success piece is in finding commonality and sharing a good laugh. More sales tend to come our way when we share our stories, notably how we overcame obstacles.

I believe that our prospective clients admire the honesty in our effort to learn. More importantly, they see the real possibility that if we put in that much effort to succeed, most likely, we will do the same for them as their service provider.

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Your Story: Do You Perform To Succeed?

In your quiet time, review your history and the lessons you learned that guided you to improve your effort.  The bigger question is, are you willing to change, and are you ready to toss old habits to make room for the new? 

Styles and technology are forever changing, and your willingness to learn, adapt, and implement the latest are the differentiators for you to succeed.

Review the following:

  • Strategies and processes that are no longer work well.
  • Habits hindering your progress.
  • Allowing nay-sayers to impact your work.

Although you may have a yearly goal with daily and weekly goals attached, many people do not take the time to review where they are to date. The better approach is to habitually review and possibly revise weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual goals to potentially over-achieve your yearly plan. Once you find your rhythm, you will be on track to perform well.

Sales Tips:  Perform To Succeed

  1. Keep your ultimate vision close to heart and mind every day.
  2. Believe that you will achieve your goals.
  3. Commit to daily learning.
  4. Seek out similar-minded people to collaboratively work together.
  5. Build a good reputation and solid brand.
  6. Help communities that can use your knowledge.
  7. Use social media to share your best insights and help others succeed.
  8. Grow a reputable brand and enjoy business growth.
  9. Every time you are on stage, perform to succeed.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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