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Today’s question is, do you occasionally take the time to realize how far you have come? An occasional announcement will stop me in my tracks and have me reflecting on how I got to where I am today.

My Story

Thirteen years ago, in 2006, Sourcebooks published my manuscript and entitled it “Nice Girls DO Get the Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results.” I deliberately share personal stories of both despair and triumph in corporate sales as the pioneer saleswoman. The salesmen I knew at the time told me I had no right to publish the material, and friends told me I had no reason to enter the male realm of business.

But worse, many entrepreneurial women and saleswomen did not want to be associated with me. One woman convinced the personnel of one Chamber of Commerce that my information was ridiculous and they should no longer promote my work. The Chamber called to apologize while acknowledging they were obligated to the person who wanted me removed.

It was difficult to ignore the ugliness, but I had the urge to continue my way and work with the people willing to try something new. For me, the biggest hurdle was learning how to market my work effectively. I said it before;

The worst roadblocks are our gifts in disguise.

I refused to:

  1. Listen to popular thought
  2. Give in to those with a louder voice
  3. Quit my work

Not too long after all of the above took place, the announcement of social media was in the news. Given my passion for travel, I am excited to connect with people from around the world. With a steady effort, followings continue to grow, and many of the interactions are heart-warming and let me know I’m on the right track.

I dedicate myself to:

  • Being helpful
  • Remaining consistent
  • Experimentation for improving results
  • Reviewing the good, bad and indifferent events
  • Persistence
  • Enjoying my work by doing it my way

Frustrations and mishaps are our training ground for a brighter tomorrow.

ABC-TV Interview on ‘View from the Bay’ with Spencer Christian, 2006

The traditional sales model is, “People buy from people they know, like and trust” and will always be relevant. Over time, relationship building with clientele became trendy. In recent years, men began reading my book. As the popularity of the book grew, the copies on hand were in short supply.

An offer from the publishing house instantly had me reflecting on how far I have come. I’m thankful to realize all that went before was the training ground to get to where I am today. Throughout March, I will be emphasizing that fact I did not give up no matter the frustrations.

It is with great pleasure to announce that Nice Girls DO Get the Sale has almost all the original copies sold. A new printing of the book is in the works and will officially have an announcement mid-Month.

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Your Story About How Far You Have Come

In the early stages of our career, we wonder how anyone, especially us, will ever succeed. There is so much to learn and hurdles to overcome. It is best to break down the seemingly enormous gap with baby steps as your goals.

Commit to these practices:

  • No matter what occurs, persevere every day
  • Do a little bit more than trainers suggest for your profession
  • On weekends take time off to enjoy family, nature, and hobbies that appeal to you
  • Sunday night write out a new plan of action to begin anew in the morning
  • Follow your plan, tweak as necessary, and seek out a mentor

Should you be mid-career, it may seem as if nothing in your past connects. But consider the why and how you moved from one spot to the next. You may gain insight for the next possible move.

Think about your ideal occupation and if you are close to attaining it. If the ultimate career is still far off, promise always to have it in mind. The thought becomes your motivator to advance toward the possibility. Meanwhile, continue to concentrate on what needs to get done to achieve higher goals.

Never give up on what might be.

Sales Tips for Recognizing How Far You Have Come
  1. Think about the first day on your first job and how little you knew.
  2. List the startling facts about the unknown staring you in the face.
  3. Persevere and earn what you must for surpassing the obstacles
  4. Study areas related to your job that sound interesting
  5. As time goes on widen your knowledge base
  6. Experiment with new ideas and observe how they are received
  7. Listen to naysayers for potential missteps on your part; otherwise, ignore
  8. Find your core group for brainstorming purposes
  9. Agree to promote one another in your core group to find more opportunity
  10. Celebrate Success!

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