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It never ceases to amaze me when businesspeople are unaware of what their communications convey. The generic approach usually reveals the person knows nothing about those on the receiving end. Entrepreneurs and salespeople who make similar assumptions will face many more difficulties than need be.

My Story

One of the best strategies for successful sales is to evaluate how the approach of others come across. If you sometimes get annoyed or downright upset, review all of the elements of the communication.

When we are upset, we usually have many reasons to back our claim. It is best to take the time to list everything that causes annoyances. Only then are we in a position to improve how we approach others.

Knowing what to avoid propels us forward.

My Three Annoying Episodes:

Episode #1:

It was in disbelief that someone sent me a generic email bragging that their one-of-a-kind program can teach me how to sell. The message was written for people without any previous experience of selling.  Delete!

Revealing Communication:  A representative solely focused on his commission.

Improve the Effort: Research recipients first and then connect what you find with the reason why you are reaching out.Take the time to write carefully crafted messages adding a personal touch for the person in receipt. The warm reception will far outweigh the extra time the personal approach takes. And the time itself is far less than a wasted email blast that receives little or no response.

Episode #2:

The recent annoying message on social media came in question form asking, ‘what do you do?’ If a person is active on a site, they most likely have a profile up that shares what they do. 

Revealing Communication: The miscommunication comes across as either a lack of intelligence or sheer laziness.

Improve the Effort: Read through the person’s profile before sending a message that will be welcome.

Episode #3:

In my mind, this last example is the winning incident for foolishness. I contacted a bank to explore a matter. The person in charge of the department called me the next day. To my disbelief, he asked, ‘are you a customer?’

Revealing Communication: I want your busy but do not wish to put effort in on my end.

Improve the Effort:  Paint the picture.  To prove the point that yes I am a customer, I shared a memory. It was of the first bank branch erected in a town where I lived many years ago. I was hoping the story might paint the path for him to start doing his homework.


Your Story About What Your Communications Convey

Researching companies and the people you wish to meet before contact is the differentiator for securing appointments and clients. Below are varying approaches in use today.

Differentiate yourself by building your personal brand.

When attending a conference or networking event, it’s best to lead with questions instead of pushing your service on others. For example, ask what type of work the person does and in which areas they find the most enjoyment. It puts the conversation on a comfortable level for potential story sharing. The style is more likely to encourage an appointment date for further discussion.

As for email marketing, a personal story works best for encouraging many to read versus the pushy sales type that suggests a delete. In your quiet time consider the entire effort you put out to keep your sales pipeline full.

Are you witnessing:

  • People contacting you to learn more
  • A reasonable interest from your direct approach
  • Or are you experiencing limited if any interest in your services?

Review Whether You:

  • Make the connection between what your prospective clientele does and what you do
  • Ask permission for a discovery conversation
  • Convey that you are interested in finding ways in which you may help one another.

The idea is to show genuine interest in the work of another instead of blatantly focusing on a potential sale. You will stand out from the crowded field and secure more appointments. When you do connect and strive to fulfill each prospect’s interests and needs, you will also encourage sales.

Entrepreneurship is a bit more difficult without former sales experience. Putting prospects first helps to build client loyalty. The loyalty converts into a returning and referring clientele. Accordingly, your sales pipeline will grow exponentially.

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Sales Tips About What Your Communications Convey
  1. Develop your personal brand for others to notice
  2. Research contacts before you approach
  3. Upon calling or messaging relay a high note of what you read
  4. Focus on prospective and actual clientele first
  5. Ask insightful questions
  6. Clarify answers that are not entirely clear
  7. Ask potential clients about their professional goals
  8. Become familiar with the preferences and personal goals of prospective clients
  9. Work as a team for a successful solution
  10. Celebrate Success!

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