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Being disagreements are a daily occurrence; do you speak up to present your viewpoint?  Worse than a dispute is when people tend to bully us.  The bullying arrives in various ways, including speaking down to us, veiled threats, and undesirable body language that also appears to be threatening. 

For example, many people declare LinkedIn to be a complete waste of time and indicate I’m foolish for being on the website.  My impression is they have not taken the time to learn the benefits the platform can bring to business with proper instruction.  Unfortunately, many people attempt to take a shortcut in their business and not do their homework upfront.  It is the lack of upfront research that prevents them from enjoying the benefits.  It has become, for me, the premiere business connection platform. 

Besides excellent connections, I now also receive incredible notices of high-end companies seeking employees of all levels related to the sales profession.  I use the word ‘incredible’ because previously, the same companies did not welcome females; instead, they chose to belittle them.  Additionally, we used to have to send dozens of resumes out to secure one interview. Today, the requests come our way when we know how to create our profile page that provides a highly credible impression.

My connections on LinkedIn have become more compatible over time.  Sales require us to focus on our ultimate goal and then drill down by setting specific deadlines.  Achieving our goals includes a validated timeline and prioritization of the connections we want to make.  The next step is to research those connections to find the nuggets of interest and similarities.  Only then can we begin a meaningful conversation.  

For the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of connecting and speaking with Rhonda Orr, CEO of  The title of her company captured my attention immediately.  As women, we have each encountered bullies throughout our personal and business life.  The similarities among our incidents motivated more lively conversations between us.  Inspiration is now ours to continue learning more about one another.

One common factor we experienced was the assumption that women are inferior at business and will fail.  Our approach is to send the message, ‘get out of my way and let me show you how we do it!’ And when the men threw challenges with others standing around, we repeat their words back to showcase their contradictory messaging.

To hear our stories on the podcast, click this link.

Our discussions grew into ideas for a variety of collaborative efforts.  One such venue is the generous offer to feature me on the BullyBuster podcast.  Click the link to hear about Rhonda’s remarkable journey, plus my stories detailing how I choose to stand up to bullies. 

The podcast is entitled, Building Relationships with Elinor Stutz | Ep. 17  Rhonda and I exchange our stories of experiencing bullying and how we stood up to it over time.  We share our heartbreaking stories because it gives listeners insight into how they may meet each challenge to rise above.  Like most, we each have scars of sorts, but we dug deep to move beyond and are stronger due to the experiences.  We desire to build our communities for those in similar circumstances so that they, too, may strengthen their resolve to rise, grow, and embolden their pathway forward.  Individually, we can only achieve so much.  But when we stand together to speak up, we can instill change for the better.

The recording is one example of how remarkable LinkedIn can be when we take the time and put in the effort to use it properly.  It is time for many to rethink their usage of the site to improve their results. Should you have a team or be on a sales team that can use instruction on how to put the platform to better use, click this link for an introduction to Vengreso.  I have never applauded training before, but the Vengreso LinkedIn sales training made all the difference.

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Your Story: Do You Speak Up to Present Your Viewpoint?

Zoom meetings are plentiful; on occasion, we find ourselves on the opposite side of the presentation.  The same is true in most situations.  The big question is, do you speak up to present your viewpoint?

On occasion, you may feel as if others are using you for target practice with all the put-downs.  It becomes difficult not to cave into common thought.  How do you handle these situations?  Take the time to reflect on past incidents, how you attempted to address them, and their outcomes.  Were you happy with the results, or do you wish you handled them differently? 

Sales strategies can help you speak up to present your viewpoint in the future. Questions stop people in their tracks to give you insight into their thinking.  Often, when you ask the right questions, the bullies begin to back-track on their original statement.  Once again, the best strategy is QLC:  Question, Listen, Clarify.  And speak with equal authority in your tone of voice.  Often, the act of taking a stand will get the other party to back down.  

Should you arrive at sales tip number five, your perspective is now on the table. It’s your turn to inquire if the person wants to agree on a better approach.  When you speak up to present your viewpoint, often people will agree. And if not, you know it isn’t a match to continue.  The differentiator is to avoid arguing and politely end the conversation.

We hope you enjoy the podcast.  Do let us know if you have questions as we want to help as many people as possible. The ultimate goal is to eliminate bullying and bring together a society that’s inclusive of all. It’s a tough sell, but we can do it!  

Sales Tips:  
When Being Busy Isn’t Good
  1. Ask why the person believes what they are saying.
  2. Inquire further about their past experiences.
  3. Put out ‘what if’ questions to challenge their thought.
  4. Take note of the person’s vocabulary, and use some of the words in your response.
  5. Be prepared to state the facts, your reasoning to back it up, and pause for a reply.
  6. Check facial expressions and body language to see if the other person becomes uncomfortable.
  7. Be consistent with facts.
  8. Hold integrity; never compromise if it doesn’t meet your standards.
  9. Stand your ground, hold your head high, and move forward on a higher plane.
  10. Celebrate Success!


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