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Attract the Right Job Or Clientele:

More than ever, many of us do think about community during the pandemic.  Restriction on activities has more people than ever in need of support and knowing that others care.  The opportunity is here to provide our support however we can.

We each can provide support for a community is similar to goal setting for business, getting hired, and what we wish to achieve in our lifetime.  As we think about community, the top goal is to give thought to the one that will be most appropriate for our talent and then drill down to find a better connection.

My Story

I wrote about the corporate world in a previous post—my reward for being the top sales producer by tripling my quota for the next year.  Dealing with job interviews became a yearly event.  In my mind, the job interview process is very similar to making a sale.  Accordingly, I helped many people acquire the jobs they desired.

But there are other elements of the corporate story that continue to have me think about community.  The time is now to work on the change I wish to see.  Three of the factors that hold importance to me are:

  • Equal Pay
  • Inclusion
  • Diversity

As a white woman, I was beside myself about the corporate setting’s lack of equality (s).  The pay was so insulting; I was advised to take a 100% commission, knowing that I was fully capable of selling.  And there were times where I should have asked how do you spell ‘Inclusion?’ 

However, my concerns must be minimal as we compare experiences to varying ethnic backgrounds and skin color.  The question here is, how does each company define ‘diversity?’

Our New Year is upon us, and it will be time for significant change.  Complaints never accomplish anything other than people wanting to stay far away.  Each person can make a difference, whether small or huge.  And together, we can hop over the roadblocks standing in our way. Our voice counts, and it’s time we speak up. 

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Your Story:  Think About Community

Today’s minor change is to focus on you and your thinking.  As you give thought to your goals and answer the questions below, take time to think about the community.

Your answers to these questions may help you realize how to begin sharing your knowledge with a community that needs it most.  Reflecting on your experience, answer these questions:

  • What would you like to see improved in the coming years?
  • What is your long-term goal for improvement?
  • What will the benefits be for you, others, and society?
  • How can you assist with the matter in terms of offerings?
  • Is there a need to create a specific service to complement your experience?
  • Take the time to research organizations devoted to fixing the problem(s) most important to you. 

Treat identifying the right community for you as a job interview.

Goal Setting For Community – Jobs – Sales
  • List the top organizations of interest.
  • Do comparison research between the companies.
  • Prioritize the ones that hold your attention.
  • Review their activities online and with their communities.
  • Become familiar with the people at the top to learn of their mission and how they work.Ask many questions before you agree to join.
  • Inquire how they see your expertise benefitting the community.
  • Learn about the positions available such as occasion contributor or a committee opening.
  • Refine your list to the top three potential organizations that hold your interest.
  • Realistically consider your time allotment to avoid over-committing.
  • Gain specifics on expectations for your contribution.
  • Agree.
  • Be inspired and inspire those to do similar good work.
Today’s Inspiring Example for Us To Think About Community

Lyle Benjamin Founder, Planned Acts of Kindness and PlannedActs.Org provides and excellent example for what is possible and when we think about community and unify.

The New Year and the Opportunity for a New Beginning based on a Kinder World

Unlike all others, from COVID-19 to Climate Change to seemingly unending Conflicts, 2020 has been a surreal year. As we move into 2021, we carry these same issues and the problems that arise out of them.

But are we powerless in the face of these overwhelming challenges? No, we all have the power to take positive, consistent, persistent, and insistent action within us. And when we base that action on kindness, we can achieve the Quality of Life we seek. That life applies to ourselves, our families, and our communities, whether local, national, or global.

I invite you to explore the power of Planned Acts of Kindness. The door is open 24/7 to everyone regardless of race, nationality, gender, health, education, and socio-economic class.

And through our kindness programs, you can “Be The Hero,” inspiring others to action. And so, the ripple becomes the wave, and the waves join together to form a tsunami of change that pushes back the issues that would defeat us.

Join us in 2021: The Year of One Planet One People. Make it your New Year’s Resolution. To learn more, visit Planned Acts.orgStay safe. Stay well and be part of the team that makes it happen.

Increase Community Spirit

As you settle in with an organization, and devote your expertise to helping their community, share your work in multiple ways. It’s natural to tell your friends and connections. But then create postings online for more people to gain awareness of your community.  Posting questions may encourage other creative ideas.  Better, the activities may prompt others to do similar work.

Sales Tips:  
  1. Never count yourself out.
  2. You can always find someone to listen.
  3. Reciprocate by being the one who listens.
  4. Instead of passing judgment, offer help.
  5. Associate with like-minded people wanting to do goo.
  6. Kindness and respect sell better than any sales agenda.
  7. Listen and ask questions to recognize how to help.
  8. Consider joining a community dedicated to helping people.
  9. Encourage others to do their best.
  10. Celebrate Success.

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!




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