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Business profitability and securing a new job both depend upon precise follow-up. Previously it was written that robots could perform the tasks that involve being precise.  But in the case of building sales or changing jobs there is a need for the human touch.

My Story

My claim to fame in the sales environment is the art of follow-up. How we get to the point of being asked for another meeting involves several steps. The unspoken elements of attitude and behaviors make all the difference.

Invitations to revisit a potential sale or job-related appointment require:

  • Congeniality
  • Upfront research about the company and its executives
  • Interest in learning more about the corporation and problems at hand
  • Asking intelligent questions that demonstrate further interest and a desire to help
  • Listening to differing perspectives

The bullet points establish credibility and trust thereby influencing the decision for another meeting.

On occasion there is dead silence after an initial request to meet. Most people, particularly job seekers, have no idea how to handle the situation. Accordingly, they do nothing but sit and wait. The lack of follow-up action produces zero results.

Jack’s Story

Jack has a keen desire to work part-time at a known establishment. After sending his resume, there was no response. Behind the scenes, I learned that the park has a need for another employee. It is odd that the dots did not connect with the employer. As a friend, I provided Jack with the following suggestions from a sales standpoint:

I advised that a thoughtful statement upfront does wonders for attracting attention. Interest builds as the message contains the point of view of the contact. The other person’s perspective should always come first throughout the sales cycle. Candidates are more likely to secure their desired job.  In business, relationships and sales naturally grow. 

Your Story: Improve Results for Follow-Up 

Follow-up with The Three-Step Phone Call:

  1. Know upfront what you want to say to encourage a meeting.
  2. If no one answers the phone, leave a very brief telephone message.  
  3. Convey you have a keen interest in exchanging insights with one another.

End the message by stating you will also send a short e-mail with all of your contact information.  

Plus the 5-Step e-Mail:

  1. Compose a brief paragraph and double-check the spelling and grammar.
  2. The first sentence is to acknowledge your previous telephone message.
  3. Include a ‘why’ you would like a meeting along with the ‘why’ they would want the same.
  4. The last sentence is to end with the fact you are looking forward to connecting and learn more about the opportunity available.
  5. Underneath the summary, include all of your contact information.

Most of the time, the two-step process is successful. However, there are those occasions when the messaging goes unanswered. The sales effort most often requires multiple attempts. However, the worst is to stalk someone only to harm your brand. If you have never met, reach out for a total of six times.

Consider if you do the following when attempting to connect:

  • Immediately begin selling
  • Accuse the other person of ignoring you
  • Sound friendly and interested in learning more about the person and their business?

Should you be guilty of any of the above, then work out a new plan to see if results improve. Vary the communication regarding the day of the week and time. Attempt a connection once for two months in a row, and then every other month.

If you have no luck after the 6th attempt, reach out one more time at year-end. Send a New Year greeting card with a warm wish. You may be the one to receive a phone call!

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Sales Tips to Improve Results for Follow-up

  1. Avoid allowing prospects to run cold.
  2. Vary your communication style for getting in touch.
  3. Send note cards, e-mail, voice mail, and holiday cards.
  4. Always be congenial.
  5. After a first meeting, ask prospects for their preferred method of communication.
  6. Continually add to your pipeline of possibilities.
  7. Capture specific times and dates for the follow-up to demonstrate punctuality.
  8. After the sixth attempt with no response, send a holiday greeting card at the appropriate time.
  9. Continue to qualify and match your better opportunities.
  10. Celebrate Success!
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