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The thunder was fiercely loud. It was quickly followed by an incredible lightning storm, the likes of which I’ve never before seen. Continual brilliant flashes of light had me getting up from the desk to watch it in action. Two thoughts came to me; the first that it would be the perfect backdrop for a Halloween movie, and the second, how it applies to increasing possibilities for business.

My Story

As I watched through my window, the long strands of light lit up the sky as they signaled me to look within for untapped possibilities. The lightning was rapid as it expanded across the vast horizon. While continuing to view the storm, I quietly began to compare it to past difficult sales meetings, and the general idea of projects melting away before they complete. Another bolt of light emphasized the point.

The Unknown

Later in the day, Alicia confessed she thought business would be far easier than it is. I asked if she would weather the storm to find her rainbow of success or if she were contemplating the idea of quitting. Her reply was swift, “Oh no, we are committed to making our work a success, I would never quit!” However, Alicia quickly added, “I just didn’t know it would be this difficult.”

My response was that the most successful entrepreneurs agree that overnight success takes many years to establish.  A previous blog, Psychological Power of Having Plan B  gives further insight for maintaining backup strategies.

Tough Decisions Ahead

When we get to the point of complete frustration and believe that everything has fallen apart, it almost feels as if we were struck by lightning. The realization hits that change is in order. Our job is to figure out what the different direction may be and how we are to implement. The underlying success strategy is to plan out a solution to a current problem that many have so we may continue to remain ahead of the curve.

But the irony of being ahead of the crowd is that most do not comprehend what we have in action. There is a disconnect between our audience and our being ahead of the masses until our brand becomes known. It is the lack of understanding by others that many times finds us working alone until we are confident what we have will work extraordinarily well.

The rainbow filled the sky giving way to the thought of new possibilities.

“Motivation, Inspiration, and Perseverance save the day.”
Your Story

It would be a rare human being who at some point in their career or business did not feel as if their effort were fruitless and that they may as well quit. However, the way in which one handles stopping makes all the difference.

How Did You Handle Possibilities?
  • Hastily quit on the spot?
  • Weigh the pros and cons of keeping everything as is versus walking away?
  • Consider how you might regain motivation and enthusiasm in your work?
Reality Plus Determination

When your livelihood is in question, it is best to omit the instant response and instead give due consideration to all aspects of a final decision. Come to terms with the important decisions in your life of either a personal or business nature to avoid regret later on. Seek advice if need be, but negotiate with yourself for the better outcome that will bring back your smile.

Ultimately we want you to experience the Rainbow of Life!
Sales Tips
  1. When a storm hits, find your grounding.
  2. Observe everything around you.
  3. Contemplate the good and bad elements of the storm.
  4. Determine which lightning rods to tweak for calm.
  5. Uncover all of the reasons for the stormy weather.
  6. Consider which elements of work are to be eliminated or tweaked.
  7. Regain grounding for moving forward with a revised plan.
  8. Include backup processes should elements of the new plan not work as expected.
  9. Welcome your rainbow of promise.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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