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Note: Deborah Thomas-Nininger Owner and Founder of DTN Productions International  provides today’s inspiring story, Is It Possible To Achieve Anything You Want?

 Deborah Thomas-Nininger, openly shares how she overcame challenges, and is entitled, while emphasizing, you can achieve anything you set your mind to doing.’ 


Growing up, I was told to settle, know my place, and keep my head out of the clouds. Naturally, I did the exact opposite. As a youngster, I would soon discover that choosing a path of optimism and a can-do attitude would be met with loads of negativity. It is the very antithesis of my core.

From as far back as I can remember, I was the optimist of the family. I was the one smiling, the one believing in the best of people. The thought included believing in me. I personified the message of the children’s book, The Little Engine that Could, much to the concern of some. But I always did and continue to believe that it is possible to achieve anything you want.

Did the lack of validation by others hold me back? Not for one second! I became more determined than ever. Next, I set a course for myself that brought me to where I am today.  

Planning plus determination and perseverance. makes it possible to achieve anything you want.

My original career plan was glorious. I began putting things in motion years before I entered the business world. I was sure about my career choice, and it still holds a fascination for me today. But it did not happen as I had so meticulously planned. Something called ‘life’ happened, and a different road was to be taken.

For me, life has been a combination of serendipity, being in the right place at the right time, or as some might say, “luck!” I also identify with the quote from Bob Hope, “I’ve always been in the right place at the right time. Of course, I steered myself there.”

The additional factor is that I am a risk-taker and ready to take on a challenge anywhere, anytime. When I saw and an opportunity, I thought, “why not?” So what if designing and selling business etiquette programs for corporations was an unchartered path? And what if promoting soft skills were to be frequently scoffed at or dismissed? I was determined not to allow anyone to deter me. On occasion, I reminded myself, it is possible to achieve anything you want and set your mind to doing.

The Struggles Of An Entrepreneur

The six degrees of separation is more like two or three for my clients and contacts. The world has become smaller and smaller. The realization brings me to one of my over-arching business philosophies:

“Never burn any bridges and never throw anyone under the bus!

It takes time, commitment, and a lot of heart to develop and maintain client relationships successfully. The fact applies to every type of relationship.

Networking and visibility were vital to getting my name out there. In the beginning, I gave countless presentations for free, so business people could hear my message and see me in action. The strategy worked.

Today, I no longer need to offer my services for free for exposure. However, each year, I do select a few non-profits that align with my core values to provide a complimentary session. Paying it forward is something in which I firmly believe.

Kindness Rocks

My first “signature” client programs centered around etiquette to became known as the “etiquette lady.” And it never ceases to amaze me, to this day, the number of people who associate etiquette with being insincere, a snob, an elitist, and putting on airs. Not so in my book! I start my etiquette sessions with “kindness” at the core. I emphasize, if you are a kind person and make a mistake, people will forgive you. But it is not the case if you are a jerk. Without kindness, even the best manners fall flat.

Up, Down And Over The Moon

My feet are firmly planted in reality, surrounded by optimism. For me, the two make for a perfect combination. I’m usually “up.” But when those down moments occur, I have a reserve of optimism to pull me through and shoot me over the moon. ‘Watch out world’ has always been my motto, along with, ‘bring it on because I am ready.’ My grit and my guts will see me through just fine. Like the legend, Maya Angelou said, “I’ve got my own back.”

I whole-heartedly believe that you have to be true to YOU! You need to live your best life authentically. People frequently ask, “Deborah, what are you REALLY like when no one is around; what are you like at home?” My response remains the same. I do not have time or interest in managing multiple personalities. What you see is who I am. At my core, I believe it is possible to achieve anything you want and set your mind to doing. 

I Am A Survivor

Yes, my description includes being a cancer survivor for six years and counting. But I am also a survivor of sabotage. Statistically, every woman will have a minimum of three professional sabotage attempts throughout her career. And I certainly did not escape that statistic. Women supporting women is just now coming out of the shadows. It is being identified as a real need, a tangible, breathing real thing.

Before the #MeToo movement, I learned to navigate those inequities and challenges. Upon experiencing sabotage, it essential for us to remind ourselves that you can achieve anything you set your mind to doing.

I’m also a survivor of many undesirable situations, including abuse, divorce, stroke, and cancer. My story is not unique at all. I’m one of the lucky ones because I’m still standing!

No Plan B

My Plan A has taken many twists and turns. The notable fact about my plan is it has remained true to my core, my mission, my purpose. Each day I am excited to turn the page to see what is in store for me. I giggle when people ask me when I am going to retire. Why would I want to retire? A different chapter of my dream is awaiting exploration. Projects include my new webinars plus the upcoming publication of my books.

In conclusion, it is possible to achieve anything you desire with a mindset determined to succeed.

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Sales Tips: Possible To Achieve Anything You Set Your Mind To Doing
  1. Continue chugging up the mountain believing you can do it
  2. Convert the negativity you hear into the motivating force to continue climbing
  3. Setbacks are typical; explore the ‘why’ and ‘how-to’ continue
  4. Keep enhancing your plan in motion
  5. As you climb upward, set new goals to continue the momentum
  6. When doubt hits, look back to realize how far you have come
  7. Engineer your progress to continue no matter what occurs
  8. Admire the people you meet and the scenery you see
  9. Don’t let anyone stop your journey forward
  10. Celebrate Success!
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