Are You Ready to Take on The Role of a Remote Leader?

Before taking responsibility, you have to ask yourself, ‘Am I ready to take on the role of a remote leader?’
The hard truth is that leadership is not for everyone. The art of leadership involves combining social and technical skills. Competency has become much more complicated in the increasingly digital world…

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Are You Aware Updated Strategies Lead to Sales Success?

Are You Aware Updated Strategies Lead to Sales Success?…Early in my career, salespeople laughed at my time-consuming strategy of being ‘thoughtful’ with clientele believing it would lead to sales success. What I didn’t realize up front is that being a rarity did wonders for building a personal brand.
Whenever there is a topic of contention, it is best to …

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Are You Future Ready?

Are You Future Ready?…Being future ready sounds to me like superheroes, but in fact, each of us can become one when we try. Enjoy the laugh, but then please take serious note. Women are finally rising to have their say. Is your company prepared…

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