Are You Driving Sales?

Are You Driving Sales?…Over many years, I’ve encountered horrific ‘sales accidents’ at car dealerships. Some representatives were on a collision course with their job while others couldn’t escape the wreck. Below you will find a few a-ha examples that reveal the worst and best way to drive sales…

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Do You Ask ‘Why’ to Expand Opportunity?

Do You Ask ‘Why’ to Expand Opportunity?…The question of ‘why’ provides insight that leads us to being able to expand opportunity. Some people may be put off by the style of questioning. But by sticking to the method, we qualify the better matching clientele. Those who appreciate the request for additional insight will return the favor with extra business…

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The Art and Science of Delegation

The Art and Science of Delegation…Don’t be a part of the 75% group of small business owners.  ScaleTime found the majority to be spending vacation time stuck to their laptops dealing with business matters. If you haven’t yet, hire qualified and reliable people. Don’t skimp on training as it will prove to be an excellent long-term investment. The more you can trust…

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Who Are You Trying to Attract?

Who Are You Trying to Attract?…Being able to express your desired clientele with clarity leads you to them. But unless we have a natural talent for marketing plus motivation to learn, denial can take over. Sometimes it takes years of trial and error in working with less than desirable clients that will lead us to a better place…

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Do You Remain True to What You Believe?

Do You Remain True to What You Believe?…oo many stories of former businesspeople have been retold that they did not believe in what they set out to do. Consequently, they look back on their lives with regret. Their pain is in not sticking up for what was best for them in the long run. Unfortunately, they now focus on what could have been…

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Do You Qualify for Success?

Do You Qualify for Success?…As I build my network online, I continue to read the success insights and posts of many. And then I share the best of what I find with my connections. A side benefit is becoming familiar with many who I admire and share their work too. The motivated spirit always catches my attention.

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Do You Avoid the Grand Vision?

Do You Avoid the Grand Vision?…One of our clients asked: Had I some ideas about helping their team who were struggling with the written word? They assumed I had some expertise in the area! I did some research to find out who delivered writing training, and I couldn’t find anyone….

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Do You Have A Proven Resource:  Introducing the Sales Experts Channel

Do You Have A Proven Resource: Introducing the Sales Experts Channel…Why I Created the Sales Experts Channel to Be A Proven Resource:
I launched The Sales Experts Channel in 2017 with this stated Mission: “_______.”…I strongly believe that there’s a need for sellers and sales managers to have a reliable place where they can get free and easy access to content from people who don’t have a hidden agenda…

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Do You Deliver On Promises?

Do You Deliver On Promises?…As a buyer, nothing is more disappointing than to witness promises turning into lies. Upon hearing a friend’s unhappy story, many sales lessons come to mind. The seller’s motive for commission negates everything previously stated…

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Does Bureaucracy Limit Your Company?

Does Bureaucracy Limit Your Business?…Some companies get so caught up in building their business and organizational structure that common sense escapes the routine. A recent volunteer experience with one such organization confirms that I am of an entrepreneurial mind and spirit. To do an excellent job in any capacity, coming to terms with our personalities is a requirement. Always compare and contrast extended offers and opportunities…

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