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Behind everything we do resides our personal brand development and reputation management repertoire.  For all endeavors, our focus should be on the quality of work we provide in addition to the intended long-term outcome. And as we work with clients or for a company, it is best for our focus to be on their desired outcome. 

My Story

Last month, a neighbor experienced a leak making its way from the condominium above hers into her living area. The leak continued into the hallway. Jocelyn had just moved into her building about one month before the leak. The problem began after everything was unpacked to ruin some of her furniture. You can imagine the nightmare of cleanup and the anxiety of wondering about the quality of the condominium she recently purchased.

Problem and Solution

Several months later, I was privy to hear of the exceptional customer service provided to help clean up Jocelyn’s mess. The cleanup service also took a giant step forward as it became a vehicle for also cleaning up the builder’s reputation.

Suzie visited the premises to do a thorough inspection. Extra time was spent to get a complete understanding of her client’s perspective and expectations. By the end of the cleanup, she and Jocelyn declared to one another they would miss their daily conversations!


Jocelyn’s original fear about owning the condominium quickly faded away. She was overjoyed by Suzie’s impeccable service and kindness. Accordingly, Jocelyn wrote a glowing letter of praise to management. The one-of-a-kind letter was distributed to the entire management team throughout the mid-Atlantic where the company is headquartered. And Suzie is now enjoying high visibility status at her company, and in the best light possible.

The Bonus

Of course, being the sales trainer and interview advisor, I suggested it was the perfect time for Suzie to request a bonus or salary raise!

Your Story

Remaining in business or at one’s place of employment is usually due to the quality of work and attention to details. It’s very easy to become angry when something does not turn out as it should. Controlling emotions to get to the epicenter of the problem does wonders for not only fixing it but also building relationships with those involved.

Consider your anger meter:

  • Do you allow your anger to show?
  • Are you able to control emotions while seeking solutions to problems?
  • How do you believe others would rate your work?
Top Performers

If you aren’t already, make a habit of saving all recognition you receive in a file whether hard copy or electronic. The testimonial or award will be at your fingertips when the need arises. Possible usages include:

  • Encouraging new clients
  • Asking for a salary increase
  • Applying for a promotion

Best of all, over time you have a wonderful collection of memories to bring a smile to your face whenever needed!

Sales Tips
  1. Work diligently to learn and provide your best.
  2. Strive to ensure client satisfaction.
  3. Build long-term relationships with those you meet.
  4. Collect testimonials.
  5. Produce testimonials provided you as credentials whenever appropriate.
  6. Build a loyal fan base.
  7. Use client acclaim for your work as proof you deserve a salary raise.
  8. Share your awards and recognition when applying for advancement.
  9. Encourage a returning and referring clientele.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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