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So many thoughts came to me while on the road to new destinations. The behavior of truck drivers caught my attention most. I began to wonder how the industry is regulated and their rules that apply to their drivers.

My Story

Successful salespeople and entrepreneurs learn early on to plan for their meetings. In the days before GPS, I was one who would invariably get lost on the way to my destinations. Accordingly, an extra half-hour would be allowed for in the drive time to meet with a client. To make up for lost time, I would actively call on other companies close by to where the meeting would be held. Overall, the days were highly productive.

As an entrepreneur, a similar procedure for planning adds efficiency to the day. Calls, social connections, and creating new content benefit by prioritization each day. It is the distant vision that provides the motivation to continue following up and doing what is needed. A previous blog, “Are You Seeking Your Motivating Force” provides insights for how to get through the daily routine with enthusiasm.

Returning to the truck drivers on the road, I began to question:

  • Do their driving schedules take into account slowdowns on the highway?
  • Do the drivers lose compensation if they arrive late, or a bonus if they show up early?
  • What can the industry improve to prevent hazardous driving?

The real story is that there were trucks of many sizes flying be me on the two-hour ride I took in the car. I’m not one to hold up traffic yet I don’t take unnecessary risks. Almost uniformly, the truck drivers:

  • Cut through lanes of traffic on the highway
  • Drove extremely close to the cars in front of them
  • Zoomed past vehicles at speeds far above the posted limit

Unfortunately, one extremely long truck was seen lying sideways in the center-divide. On the opposite side of the highway, traffic was stalled for hours.  

Your Story

Travel in December is particularly difficult with unfavorable weather patterns causing delays with holidays included in the mix. Some people travel across the country and abroad for business, while others attempt to drive locally. Planning that allows extra time to reach your destination is far more likely to have you arrive safely.

Think about your habits; is it time to change some? Do you:

  • Typically arrive late to meetings?
  • Appear stressed due to the anxiety of getting to your destination on time?
  • Drive less carefully than you should?

For those who work from home and communicate online, keeping an up to date calendar and setting the alarm a few minutes before each call will keep us punctual. Whichever method we use to meet another, being on time is appreciated by all. And showing up with knowledge of the client and their industry earns greater appreciation and feasibility of getting the sale.

During the holiday season, it is more important than ever to leave extra time for arrival and be on high alert as you drive. Driverless car technology is an appealing thought after observations on the highway.  Taking care with careful planning to safely reach your destination will lead to a cheerful Holiday Season!

Sales Tips
  1. Plan for each meeting
  2. Allow extra time for driving
  3. Set a timer to alert you ahead of each call
  4. The night before an appointment review all information you wish to discuss
  5. Gather paperwork that is necessary for each meeting
  6. Have answers ready for questions previously asked
  7. Recognize the answers you need to move the sale forward
  8. Become familiar with all of the decision-makers
  9. Ask the client about their planning and steps necessary to move forward
  10. Celebrate Success!

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