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You may wonder, what can the holidays teach us when it comes to business? Seven ideas come to mind that complement both the holidays and doing business. 

  1. Check Your List Twice

We often feel there are not enough hours in the day.  Both business projects and personal tasks eat up much of our time.  The holidays can add extra stress.  Given the ‘have to’s’ during the holidays, it’s wise to check your list twice.

 By maintaining a running task list on all counts, it is less likely to forget something.  Creating your list brings us to the second point.

  1. Should Old Acquaintances Be Forgotten?


Everyone likes to feel important and remembered. 

Contact all of your prospective clients for the year, whether on track to buy or not.  Unless someone was rude, call, write or send an e-card wishing the person a happy holiday. Worst case, you will bring a smile to someone’s face.  The best case is those who were initially not interested may regain interest.

  1. Gift Buying

The best gifts mirror the better sales advice: 

Speak to the needs, wants, and deep down desires of your clientele. 

Accordingly, take note through the year of what family members and good friends enjoy or express interest in as you decide what to give.

  1. Goal setting

We set goals for the holidays.  The tasks may include:

  • Providing a delicacy or delicious dinner
  • Arriving on time or being punctual for guests to arrive
  • Adding to the ambiance of the day

Similarly, send a basket of delicacies to your loyal clients.  When the pandemic ends, consider taking them to lunch for a leisurely conversation. 

Punctuality is essential for building trust and credibility and earning business. 

  1. Diplomacy and Negotiation Skills

It is often tricky, maybe painful, to hear a close relative discuss politics on the opposite end of your thinking.  Attempt your best to smile, listen, and give yourself a pep talk, not to respond.  Should it get to the point of needing to say something, ask questions (without anger in your voice) such as:

  • Why do you believe that? To gain perspective.
  • How do you see the outcome? To potentially find a better solution.
  • Will your idea bring good tidings to most? Humor helps in most regards.

Avoiding arguments by asking questions with a kind voice usually brings about a better conversation.  Nothing is certain 100% of the time.  But the suggestions are practice for diplomacy and negotiation.

  1. Good Cheer

Combining all of the above, we each hope that contentious discussions will not occur.  Show up with a smile on your face.  Reveal interest in the other person, and ask about their lives during the year. People love to talk about their experiences.  The inquiry will promote good cheer during the holidays. 

Similarly, the sales cycle is more likely to move forward when we listen to our clientele before we attempt to sell.  Otherwise, one has no way of knowing what the person in front of them holds important or how experiences led up to that moment in time.

  1. Respect, Kindness, Empathy

This year has been challenging for many.   More than ever, this category is to be applied year-round.  None of us have escaped ridicule and judgment in our lives, so it should be easier to give understanding and help to another.  We are witnessing many more people in need of help of all types.  However, we may be of assistance; our support will receive appreciation more than ever. 

Respect, Kindness, and Empathy provide another validation for checking our list twice.  We are to verify how we can be of help and possibly service, too.

My Story:  What Can The Holidays Teach Us?

Over the years, I have witnessed the holidays bringing out both the bad and good in people.  One year, I went to extra lengths to provide a special Thanksgiving dinner with numerous guests.  The first few sitting down at the table began to help themselves and then eat without waiting for the other guests to take their seats.  And mid-way through the homemade feast, the bitter arguments began that progressed into name-calling.

After dinner, the conversation deteriorated further.  The next day, one guest participating in the argument said, please don’t ever invite me back again when he is here.  My reply: ‘no worries there!’  The hours I spent preparing our home and the meal to greet our guests and provide hospitality to the best of my ability was a giant waste of effort that year. 

Change for future holidays became essential.

On occasion, we find what we are doing with business is at a stalemate if not dragging us down.  We need a revision of our plans.  Accordingly, I’m working on new projects, and collaborative efforts are in the works for next year.   I am committed more than ever to lending a helping hand on a larger scale.  Working together, we can make a difference.  The big differentiator is in stopping for a moment to acknowledge what the holidays can teach us.


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Your Story:   What Can The Holidays Teach Us?

We can all be grateful for this holiday season to have good health and celebrate as we may. Like me, you most likely know of people who were not as fortunate.   Adding to the difficulties, many people lost their jobs and are concerned about feeding their families and paying bills.  Should you be in a position to help, those receiving it will be grateful.

In the meantime, consider revising your business plan for the new year.  If you are seeking work, consider interviewing with a non-profit whose mission feeds your passion.  Or research the top-tier organizations that continue to support communities. 

Either way, figure out how your talent may apply to the mission of the employer.  Finding a better match will make it easier to get hired, and enthusiasm will have you looking forward to working.

The bottom-line reflects whether you spread good cheer in putting the goals of your clientele first.  Accordingly, you will earn extra business to make for a happy holiday season and New Year.

Sales Tips:  What Can The Holidays Teach Us?
  1. Reflect on the best business lessons you learned this year
  2. Apply your insights to holiday get-togethers
  3. Consider if you need to improve listening to varying opinions and asking questions
  4. The next time you make a purchase, observe the seller for insights into what to do or avoid
  5. Use personal conversations as a training ground for business communications
  6. Examine your communication effectiveness for getting what you want
  7. Revise any strategy that does not provide the results you seek
  8. As you give to communities, listen for what they find most helpful
  9. Build up experience working with varying communities to expand your endeavors
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!




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