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Attract the Right Job Or Clientele:

16 Ways To Boost Your Business in 2022

Note: Natalie Redman provides today’s guest Blog, ‘15 Ways To Boost Your Business in 2022′.

Natalie Redman, Freelance Writer

Natalie Redman is a freelance writer for many clients across multiple industries. Natalie has two years of copywriting experience. Natalie has extensive experience in copywriting for web pages for businesses across many industries. She also owns two blog websites and is a Youtube content creator.


Starting a business is challenging, and marketing is even tougher.

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The time, funds, and efforts you put into getting things right can exhaust you. On top of that, you must arrange capital to pay employees continuously, pay bills, and manage a workplace.

All these would be worthwhile if you could get those precious leads.

The increasing battle for customers’ attention has made the marketing process a lot more complicated. The struggle has only grown more extensive and more fierce.

The article will provide you with 15 quick marketing wins to stay ahead of the competition. Also, these tips will help you to woo your visitors and turn them into valued customers.


Boost Your Business

Digital marketing has both pros and cons. While it reaches a much larger audience than traditional marketing, it is a challenging game. Get everything right to make yourself visible to your potential customers. Let’s jump straight away to the first marketing win tip.

  1. Premium content

No matter how good a website you build, the content should always be premium.

People visit a website to find something unique and valuable. Even Google likes premium. It would be best to publish well-researched content, including case studies, white papers, long articles, and eBooks. But keep the content simple and easy to understand.

After all, if no one can read or relate to what you publish, what’s the use of providing the content?

     2. ROI calculator / interactive tools

As a business, you are solving your customer’s problems.

But how will they know it? And until they know it, how will you win the market in your segment?

Of course, you will put significant efforts into your marketing to explain this.

Also, include a simple ROI calculator or interactive tools wherein customers can check their return after using your product.

This step will help your customers realize how much value your product or service will add to their lives.


     3. Take on-page SEO seriously

SEO is undoubtedly among the most widely used and potentially viable market wins. Nothing can beat SEO with growing traffic organically.

However, besides the off-page SEO, you have to also focus on the on-page SEO.

Visitors often leave a site when they find broken links or annoying glitches. They will hit the back button, return to SERP, and click on your competitor’s site.

Fix all the issues on the website and improve your SEO and your visitor’s experience. Check every page and ensure the following work correctly:

  • Meta titles and meta descriptions on every page
  • H1 tags on every page
  • Remove or fix broken links or 404 errors
  • Alt tags with keywords for every image
  • Keyword optimization for every page
  • Proper contact details and functional email id

     4. Work proactively on email campaigns

Many businesses experience this. A large segment of their potential visitors remains cold. You can target this segment through email campaigns. Reintroduce yourself to this segment, appealing to their interest. 

Many email validation tools out there can serve you for this purpose. To excite curiosity, include high-performing fresh blog content. And never forget to monitor the CTR. Monitoring CTR will give you an idea about the most valuable links. Even if you get 10-20% re-engagement for your sake, your efforts will be worth it.

     5. Use pop-up forms to get the much-needed conversion

Most people might disagree, but pop-up forms make a difference in conversion rates. The only thing to ensure is placing it strategically on your site. While wrongly placed pop-ups can be annoying, well-thought pop-ups can ask the customers to take the action you want.

     6. Don’t miss the CTA on your landing page

Going further ahead on the above one, you can use smart content. Adding a call to action (CTA) form on your home page can make all the difference. The home page of the site is the most visited. Place feature content followed by a simple CTA form. Ask only the name and email id to encourage your visitors to submit the most information you need — the email id.

Smart content allows you to put different content for different purposes. You can arrange them by industry. Moreover, you can display additional content for the visitor who has converted.

     7. Reach a wider audience with micro-influencers

Influencer marketing is another way to reach an audience outside your email list. However, big names may not be the right choice for a growing business. Since their a broad audience, you may miss your target group in that crowd.

Alternatively, you can go ahead with micro-influencers with a similar niche as your business. These influencers have a niche audience, so they could be your best-funneled target group.

     8. Give your best content a repurposed look and growth

There is no harm in promoting your old content in a new form.  Analyze which piece of content has the highest engagement. Give it a new purpose to engage your audience. You can turn your blog series covering the same topic into an informational and valuable guide.

Turn the content into an engaging pictographic format or infographics. Then distribute it on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. Similarly, you can even turn it into a video or a targeted email courseLearn more about TikTok here.   

     9. Use your testimonials as social proof to boost your business

People don’t like to be first-time users of a product. 

That is why 9 out of 10 customers who read reviews about the products or services decide to seek them out.

If you intend your product to do well in the market, ask your customers to review your product. Put the reviews in the testimonial section of your site. You can use some free survey templates for this purpose. 

For more impactful results, you can make it pop up on the landing page, where visitors can see it when they land on your site. It is an excellent way to build trust and engagement among first-time visitors.

      10. Make your employees your brand ambassadors

Who can know your business better than your employees? 

Why not build a community around your employees?

Devise a strategy to build a robust community of employees, keeping your brand voice at the center. Then make them your brand ambassadors and let your brand and voice resonate far and wide. Doing this will also send a coherent message about your work culture.

You need the best employees to experience success. Looking into getting help on how to find top executives for your company is worthwhile. The better quality of your employees, the better brand ambassadors they will be.

     11. Put an FAQ section on your site

Remember to review your website’s search intent, chat and call history. Discuss with your sales team the most frequent questions people ask. Once you know the most frequent questions, make a clear and easy-to-understand FAQ. Put these frequently asked questions in a separate FAQ section.

Customers like to first search for their questions in the FAQ section. Give them a reason to spend more time on your website. You can even guide the customers to the pages you want them to visit from the FAQ section. It is another excellent way to close in with your visitors.

     12. Engage your customers through a chatbot

People have one or other queries, which can be as simple as asking for the contact details. You don’t have to employ a real person just for these jobs. Chatbots can handle a majority of the queries here. Even your visitors feel less daunted as they don’t have to chat with a real person for simple queries. That is why chatbot integration is becoming a fast trend in B2B and B2C business models.

     13. Boost traffic through PPC

More people and companies are online than ever before. A well-strategized Pay Per Click (PPC) approach can be a valuable addition to an inbound marketing strategy. Consider using PPC to generate awareness among your target segment. Whether it is Google or social media platforms, PPC can be a game-changer for your business. Boost traffic to boost your business. 

     14. Make your customer journey within the site smooth

Customers often leave midway while exploring a website when they find it too difficult to search for things. Ensure every element in your website is sorted out and properly placed with a clear sitemap. 

For an effective marketing strategy, guide your customers with the appropriate content. Find out why customers are leaving and what their pain points are. Solve them immediately to make your customer’s journey within your site as smooth as possible.

     15. Leverage the power of referral marketing

More than half of the customers like to try out a product referred to them by someone known. Hence, referral marketing is one of the best methods to get new customers to try your products. For example, the case of Dropbox, which grew almost 3900% in less than one and a half years. And that happened just by extensive referral marketing.

However, you can grow your business with referral marketing without using a complex method like Dropbox. Just focus on incentivizing existing loyal customers who put their efforts into referring your product or service to someone.

     16. Use professionals to get leads

Invest in final expense leads to get maximum leads. This strategy involves getting help from professionals who specialize in generating quality leads. They can generate leads much more quickly and efficiently than doing it singly. These professional services also provide demographic information, contact numbers, email addresses, and other essential details of potential buyers, making your customer outreach efforts easier. With their detailed insights, your marketing team can easily target the right people with the right message.

Conclusion: 16 Ways to Boost Your Business 

Digital marketing is a rapid and dynamic trend, so catching up with its pace is the key to getting things right for your marketing goals. 

We hope these quick marketing wins will help your business achieve those goals. However, these tips may differ slightly between companies. Therefore, it’s essential to decide what works best for your business and strategize accordingly.

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