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NOTE: Atreyee Chowdhury provides today’s guest blog, ‘5 Steps To Creating A Killer SaaS Content Marketing Strategy.’ 

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Atreyee Chowdhury works full-time as an Instructional Designer and is passionate about writing. She has helped many small and medium-scale businesses achieve their content marketing goals with her carefully crafted content that is both informative and engaging. She lives in Bangalore, India with her husband and parents. She loves to read, experiment with different cuisines, travel, and explore the latest content marketing and L&D trends in her free time. You can reach her on Linkedin or write to her at to discuss your content marketing requirements.


Are you aware that every SaaS company uses content marketing as an essential marketing strategy? And that could be because each of these companies is eyeing that incredible piece of the $157 billion SaaS (sales as a service) market.

Believe it or not, expectations of the SaaS market are to increase by a staggering $220 billion approximately by 2022.

Surviving in the middle of more than 7000 SaaS products that are all vying for the same customers that you are can make the struggle only harder than ever. It is thus vital to have a good SaaS content marketing strategy to gear up for the fierce competition that lies ahead.

There are several reasons why SaaS companies opt for an out-of-the-box content marketing strategy:

  • It is a cheaper campaign than traditional marketing yet generates more leads.
  • With a good content marketing strategy, you can see more significant growth and higher retention rates.

4 Steps For A Killer SaaS Content Marketing Strategy

With the SaaS brands getting more competitive by the day, the software is no longer differentiated by the features. Consumers are now opting for SaaS brands that also focus on their branding and content, apart from just the software’s features on sale.

Creating great content is thus a winning formula if you know how to blend it with the proper branding and strategies. Read this SaaS content marketing guide to clearly understand which content strategies you should focus on for enhancing your SaaS brand value.

      1.  Evaluate what kind of content marketing strategy your business needs

Before you plunge into creating a content marketing strategy for your products, it is vital to take a pause and understand whether it is a good option for your business. Here are some clues that can help you in evaluating whether your business needs a content marketing strategy at all. If you agree to any of the below-mentioned points, it is time to start focusing your direction on good content for your brand.

      a.  Optimize your customers’ search options 

The best business content focuses on addressing customer queries and providing a solution while keeping the brand focused. As a SaaS brand, you need to visualize the obstacles your customers face so that the solution you provide to them perfectly fits their requirements.

One of the ways is to leverage the use of email marketing campaigns for your brand. Email marketing can be a somewhat competitive industry and involves several pain points for your business. But at the same time, if you check the Google Keyword Planner, you would come across phrases that people are using for searching for solutions to their problems with SaaS products. 

     2. Focus on your Return on Investment (ROI) 

The simple logic behind a successful brand of a business is — people do not buy features or products. They are more than willing to spend on results that fetch them good returns. For SaaS products, too, your consumers are looking for your product to serve a specific purpose for them. They don’t care how you do it; your customers only care about getting their job done.

Everyone wants to focus on increasing their revenue. Fortunately, there are ways they can achieve the goal. In the context of the content marketing strategy, it is necessary to focus on features like:

  • Enhancing your brand’s SEO rankings which will convert your organic traffic conversion rate to a higher number.
  • Increasing your brand’s user engagement which will help you in retaining your customers in the long run.

     3. Create an exemplary content promotional campaign

Creating content doesn’t take much time or effort. It is the promotion of the content that needs a strategy to work well. Promoting content well can give you long-term gains in all aspects of your business.

  • Leverage the power of social media platforms to promote your content. If you have a reasonable number of social media followers, engage them to share your content to reach out to more people.
  • Invest in the pay-per-click ad campaigns for your content if you have the budget. With such ad campaigns, you can reach out to relevant audiences extensively without investing in SEO tactics.
  • Take the help of the influencers. They have a huge audience base. Partnering with them can help your content to get the maximum reach via their social media pages.

Do not be afraid to experiment with ways to reach out to maximum people. Once you have a strategy working for you, it will change the way people look at your SaaS brand.

     4.  Allocate a budget for your content marketing strategy

You now have a clear understanding of what kind of content you would like to produce for your brand based on your target objectives and audience. You need to now focus on the various steps of production and promotion of the content. Once you have a strategy map of how the content is to materialize along with promotions, you should estimate the probable cost of producing each content piece. Having such a detailed financial plan will help you decide how your brand’s content production will occur.


A definitive content marketing strategy involves three main elements. Identify your target customers, find the words people are looking for on Google, and finally assess what your competitors are targeting.

Since content is becoming one of the deciding factors for the consumers before they invest in SaaS products, it can benefit you in the long run if you act now on building an effective content marketing strategy.

SaaS is quickly becoming the future of software, and the big players are already on their mark. As new companies are entering the SaaS market, you must execute the power of content to gain an edge over them. If you intend to become a market leader in SaaS someday, begin developing and implementing a compelling content marketing strategy for your brand today.

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  1. Come to a clear understanding of what your clientele needs, wants, and desires.
  2. Connect the dots between your services and what clients are seeking.
  3. Convey how your service can potentially satisfy the needs of your audience.
  4. Communicate clearly, simply, and to the point on all levels.
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  6. Use consistency in messaging across all mediums.
  7. Answer questions and follow up as quickly as possible.
  8. Monitor the results for all activities to replace those not performing well.
  9. Implement only what your budget can handle.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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