Attract the Right Job or Clientele:  
5 Differentiators for Successful Meetings:

Why is it some people have to go on many interviews before they finally hear HIRED!; while others snag the first job for which they are called to interview?  The same is true for some salespeople needing to visit with many, many prospective clients prior to hearing SOLD! 

The research done ahead of time, and communicating it well to the interest of the company or client, are significant indicators of the success that may lie ahead.  Processes for the job interview and the prospective client meeting are almost identical, and the 5 steps that differentiate the successful are detailed below.


1.  Research

Many platforms exist today for in-depth research that are highly time efficient.  The recommended first option is to review the website in detail.  Make note of keywords specific to the company and the leadership. 

Once you have a handle on the company including their business model and how they perform in their industry, it’s time to explore other sites. Specifically, research LinkedIn by reviewing the profiles of the leadership Team.  Familiarity ahead of time will serve your meeting well. 

Last of all, conduct a Google search for other mentions of the company.  Research those links and any ratings you might find such as Glassdoor.

2.  Re-read

If memory isn’t perfect or a touch of A.D.D. is yours, then re-read the information several times prior to the interview.  When you are able to convey to a friend precisely what the company does and reasoning for why you believe you are a great candidate to assist them, then you have the information you need.

3.  Prepare

In addition to the usual resume or brochure, do you have additional information the prospective company could use to make a decision on your behalf?  For example, a one-page attractive document about your experience will help you stand out from the crowd.  Have ready two pens and a small leather bound notepad ready to go along with business cards.

4.  Target

Prior to the meeting, you should have a very good idea of how to communicate your talent to the keen interest of those with whom you are meeting.  Ensure an excellent conversation with questions in mind, listen well, clarify anything you do not understand, and strive to find areas of commonality.

5.  Conclude

Prior to leaving, ask, “Do I sound like the type of employee or service provider you are seeking?”  Upon hearing a “Yes” it is advised to either ask for next steps or a date to start.

The above guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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