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Note: Saten Aghajanyan, Digital Marketer, provides today’s Guest Blog.






Saten has been working at Dexatel OU as a sales manager for over a year. She is now a part of the newly-formed marketing team representing their recently-launched product, SendSMS, which provides wholesale SMS services. Currently, she works to help develop the brand name and offers extensive information about mobile marketing, especially SMS marketing.


8 Effective Writing Styles for Promotional Text Messages

Creating a strong and sound promotional message requires more effort than it looks. Even for professional text message marketers, the ones that grew up with a phone in their hands, writing effective promotional text messages can be a struggle.

If you have already chosen SMS marketing, you shouldn’t expect immediate success from the beginning. The success of SMS marketing heavily depends on your implementation. Pay attention to each of the SMS marketing steps. Below we will be discussing a few effective writing styles for promotional text messages.  By following the suggestions, you can get the most out of SMS marketing.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

SMS intended for marketing purposes is very different from the message you send to your friends, asking for a weekend hangout.

People tend to use fancy emojis and confusing acronyms to capture their customer’s attention. Instead of trying to be ornamental or overly promotional, be simple.  Simplifying messages yields more satisfying results. It is highly recommended to keep your message below 160 characters. Avoid putting your customers in the valley of chaos with fancy emojis or confusing abbreviations.

Set a Timer

When you send the message, how great do you think the chances are that it will be opened? The answer depends on the time the recipient receives it. The timing creates another relevant question.

What should be the optimal time to send the message for marketing purposes?

There are certain hours where your recipient will have more time to pay attention and can respond back. In this regard, text messages are similar to email as far as timing is concerned. The best time to send email is usually during lunch break or in the evening.  Before bed, you can use these timing schedules to send promotional texts as well. This is a convenient time since most users have smartphones in their hands and are more likely to pay attention to it. 

Spamming is Rude!

Sending unrestricted messages more frequently may cause your contact to label your effort as spam. You have access to your prospective customer, why would you attempt to make it worthless by bombarding SMS to his-her inbox? The extra activity is highly disrespectful and is a turnoff.

Spam messaging threatens your customer relations and hurts the reputation of your brand. Subsequently, you may lose trust and prospective clients.  Recognition of effective writing styles for promotional text messages is essential for business.

Make sure only to text your clientele when you have a new offer, updates, or information about new arrivals. Build a sense of trust and credibility without annoying people in any way. The goal is to provide value with each message. Seriously consider the suggested effective writing styles for promotional text messages.

Create a Sense of Urgency

A call-to-action is generally a phrase, sentence, or a link that directs your audience where you want them to land. The call-to-action buttons are to appear in the body of the message. The phrases must be tempting. They need to be easy-to-understand and encouraging for the recipients to take decisive action on your proposed offer. 

Create a sense of urgency to tempt your customers to a buying action. It can be made possible by including a timeline for the deal. For example, an effective call to action indicates that you have limited stock and promotional deals available only for a few days.  The technique proves to be effective.

The call to action should have an expiration date and time. Use words and phrases encouraging the user to take swift action.

Check for Spelling and Grammar Errors

Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors can significantly damage your business profile. It’s essential to write a message free of spelling and grammatical errors. Otherwise, customers will not pay much attention to promotional text messaging.

Don’t Use Slang 

Avoid slang and unnecessary terms so that everyone, from any background, can easily understand the details of your offering.  Prospective clientele will be more likely to act on the call-to-action button after viewing your promotional text messages on their phone in hand.

Show The Way Out

While drafting messages for promotional purposes, place an easily accessible opt-out button.

The opt-out button is a sign of respecting your consumer’s privacy and giving them personal space. Don’t worry; the opt-out button doesn’t necessarily mean that the customer won’t use your services in the future.

Show Your Best

The body of the message should not accommodate unnecessary details about your business. Show your best in less than 160 characters.

Customers have only one agenda of reading your message; “where is the product of my interest?” They have limited expectations associated with products. So in a bid to earn their attention, demonstrate your best services through SMS marketing.  The customer will explore the rest of your services, on your site, when you incorporate the effective writing styles for promotional text messaging.

Proofread Again

After all, you belong to the human creed, and they were born to make mistakes. Sometimes, even with the proofreading practice, there might be a chance that spelling mistakes remain.

There are two ways to make sure your message is error-free. First, send your message body to someone else, a fellow writer to proofread it. Second, install a spell check tool along with a grammatical editor.

Make it Feel Exclusive

Your message should be appear exclusively customized as it reaches the customer.  Become familiar with what your audience expects from you to hit their target of interest.

Also be aware of the customer database and their interests. If you send women’s designer jeans to a male customer, you make it worse for your business and lose trust.

Target specific people for specific products.

Make your promo offer an exclusive deal. For instance, make it for specific communities such as students only.  For example: “Student special! Bring your institute ID today and get a free doughnut with your coffee.”


Each message sent from your organization represents your business goals, and its outreach defines your reward. Use the above-listed checkpoints to be sure you get the most out of your SMS marketing. Be experimental and open to taking risks. Marketing is an ever-evolving field, and so are the techniques and approaches.  Seriously consider the above effective writing styles for promotional text messages.

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