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The news about the Pandemic and California ablaze has me asking, are problems getting you down? It must be downright scary residing in areas where tornadoes frequently hit and flames destroy acres.  The devastation leaves little to compare.  These down days can feel like we are heading for round two of the ten plagues.  Those who are well and out of harms’ way are almost obligated to think positively. We are the fortunate ones. 

Many are saying they continue to lose focus with all the distractions.  But the lack of attention becomes the main excuse and will only make things worse.  Our business depends on a positive mindset for us to focus on our goals. 

So how can any of us move away from problems getting you down? As with any goal, we need to set time aside first to recognize what is stopping our progress.  Next, we are to consider revising our course of action seriously.  Last, we are to prioritize all the possible steps to ensure we arrive at the destination we desire. But this is merely the beginning.

My Story

Corporate sales taught me how to deal with poor outcomes and surprise endings.  Out of every such experience comes the silver lining.  The benefits are in knowing:

  1. What to avoid in the future
  2. That which will not change
  3. Recognize our professional development progress

Many evenings I would have a conversation with myself.  I would ask myself, why are problems getting you down? And then, an analysis through questions and answers would get me back on track.

The song lyrics to “I Wanna Be Somebody,” by W.A.S.P. was frequently in mind:

“Oh, you just got to be
Up high where the whole world’s watchin me
Cause I, I got the guts to be somebody……to cry out
I wanna be somebody,
Be somebody soon
I wanna be somebody
Be somebody too.”

“A positive mindset plus the motivation to continue are essential for finding success.

Even when anger took hold, I would never allow someone else to decide for me to quit.  Quitting is only on my terms, and my definition is quite different.  For me, leaving became the way forward to advance my career.  I only went when something bigger and better was in front of me. And if a better situation isn’t in front of me, I realize the learning ahead to make it appear.  To this day, I continue doing the same.

For more insight, please take a few minutes to hear a portion of my unusual life-changing story. Hopefully, you will gain motivation to move past the problems getting you down.

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Your Story:  Are Problems Getting You Down?

When you regularly question where you are today, and wish to be tomorrow, quicker progress will be on the horizon.  The process begins by being honest with yourself.  No one has all the answers, although some like to believe that they do. Accordingly, getting help may be in order.  But first, take a deep dive into what is troubling you and how you may resolve it.

Questions to Consider:

  • What is the main issue that has you up at night?
  • What are the other problems getting you down?
  • What do you want to accomplish ultimately?
  • Who is successful that you admire?
  • What are the successful people in your field doing differently?
  • Can you modify the unique strategies to your style?

Steps to Take:

  • Keep an ongoing journal for long and short term goals
  • Commit to a flexible listing of goals due to our evolving society.
  • Prioritize your goals
  • Include one or more reasons for each achievement to ramp up motivation
  • Be willing to accept trials, errors, revision, and change in direction
  • Review your current main issue to outline all of the steps you need to take to overcome it.
  • Become addicted to self-help
  • Ask for help from peers
  • Hire help as needed

Be careful not to get sucked into analysis paralysis.  Each day take action steps for moving forward.  Your private time is the best time to review where you are currently, and what stands before you.  By being active, you will find both hurdles to overcome as well as new possible ventures.

More Advanced Steps For Problems Getting You Down:

  • Review your goal journal
  • Re-strategize milestones for your next mountain to climb
  • Analyze your effort to see where to make adjustments
  • Consider how our changing society may affect your progress
  • Refine your approach
  • Continue to add new skills to your talent repertoire

The Winning Action Steps:

It seems that every action we take stirs up the good and bad.  We need to toughen up mentally and emotionally.  There is a need to speak up at times to fight for what we believe to be right.  Physical fitness ties in with emotional and mental good health.  When we have everything in order, we put ourselves in a position to eliminate room for the problems getting you down. The better outcome is that we succeed.

Sales Tips:  Resolve Problems Getting You Down
  1. Eliminate anger; punch a pillow if need be
  2. Calmly lay out a new plan for moving past a barrier
  3. Ask peers for their suggestions on moving forward
  4. Between your ideas and those of peers, select the more enticing
  5. Pick the more exciting strategies for reaching goals to maintain motivation
  6. Every month, quarter, and year-end monitor your progress
  7. Set stretch goals to move forward at a good pace steadily
  8. Take note on how peers react when you are in conversation
  9. Jealous remarks, praise, and congratulations are all signs you are onto something terrific
  10. Celebrate Success!
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