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 Among the best sales advice received and taken to heart is learn to read body language and facial expressions. The posturing provides insights into what others are thinking versus the words they say. Keen observation enables you to become a mind reader. You can call into question anything that is not consistent with words expressed by the people with whom you meet.

My Story

Last week, I had a yearly return appointment for personal matters. Joe did a great job the first time and so a second appointment was made. Only this time, Joe’s facial expression had me very concerned. He looked tense, and as if other matters were on his mind and of more importance than the business at hand. I almost walked out of his office, but then thought better of it.

Instead of getting up from the chair to leave, I expressed my concern to Joe by stating that he didn’t appear to be interested. I quickly added that I’m trained to read facial expressions and couldn’t help but notice the stress on his face and seeming lack of attention to our business agreement. Joe’s answer gave credence to the fact we all need to become mind readers for both business and personal matters.

The night before, Joe was at a market and was serving himself chili to take home. Just as the serving spoon was about to tilt over his cup, a friend called out his name. Turning around to see who was calling out his name, Joe accidentally poured the hot chili onto his hand that caused multiple burns. He was still in pain. Joe was pleased to relay the story to get it off his mind. As he told the story and got it off his mind, Joe appeared more relaxed, and we were good to move ahead with the project.

Some people refer to the personal questioning as empathetic selling. Putting the personal touch to any meeting builds relationships and business over time. It takes a keen observation, comparison of individual habits and the courage to ask questions when moments are tense. As you build the confidence in doing this, sales will grow, too.

Your Story

If you have ever been discouraged by being told one thing when in fact something else was put in place, you will want to heed the practice of observation.

Observe whether the other person:

  • Smiles or frowns
  • Appears engaged or continues to look at the time
  • Brushes off what you say or asks inquiring questions

All of these signs reveal whether there is interest in what you have to say. As you see sudden movement, twitching or an eyebrow raised, stop to ask more questions. Actively check for concerns. Body language reveals another style of objections.

The more observant you are, the more quickly you can stop the objections to move forward on an even path together to forge a relationship. Over time, you will feel as if you did become a mind reader.

Sales Tips
  1. Stop the conversation should anything not appear quite right.
  2. Inquire as to what’s on the person’s mind.
  3. Should stress be evident, ask if a rescheduled appointment will be helpful.
  4. Ask how the person would like to move forward.
  5. Begin comparing reactions of your prospective clientele.
  6. Recall the prospects who became clients and if their body language differed.
  7. Stop the conversation should anything not appear consistent with words expressed.
  8. Gain permission to continue.
  9. Throughout the conversation gain agreement.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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