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Early morning on a humid day, had me taking a walk inside a local mall and on full alert to our changing world. The exercise was good, but the experience jaw-dropping, and sad. Many of the lights were off, and doors locked store after store. The size of the company does not matter. Some businesses closing their doors are small, while others belong to big chains.

I began wondering about how the owners are coping, the corporate economy, and whether entrepreneurs are alert to our changing world. Retail is far from the only industry that is in the midst of change. Everyone and everything, including social platforms, is affected. How we cope dictates the next phase of our development, both personally and professionally.  The one remark I remember from a science teacher in Junior High is,

Life is about the survival of the fittest.

My Story

Sometimes we have to look backward to grasp an understanding of how far we have come. The concept of cave dwellers comes to mind and how they once lived. Eventually, the wheel came about, horses and buggies became popular, and then the car. We recently applauded the effort of SpaceX. The possibilities of living on the moon or another planet aren’t as laughable as they once were.

Once we realize what drove us to where we are today, we can better grasp where we are going and how to get there. The word ‘change’ is forever present in daily living and how well we accept it dictates future results. You get the picture that being on alert to our changing world is a significant position to take.

Long ago, when the internet came alive for online purchases, I wondered how it might take off. Today, we have Amazon leading the way. The company models the sales philosophy that representatives learn early on. The company is highly flexible, delivering services and products that their clientele needs, wants, and desires. Customers select when they want the item(s) and receive their orders according to their selection. From a selling perspective, it’s no wonder that their stock continues to rise.

Similarly, social platforms are changing their algorithms and what they find to be acceptable postings. Groups on LinkedIn were tirelessly sharing information with one another until the algorithms changed. Now the membership rules for the groups are changing too. Advertisers are pulling away from Facebook, albeit momentarily in time. The company needs unifying what is best for its users and advertisers, not just those at corporate. Twitter changed their policies a while back and for the better. Accordingly, the platform is as popular as ever.

Recently, I read that the consulting profession is changing and possibly declining. In the minds of some, the line of work is disappearing. Remote work is almost a mandate today, but many workers may remain in this capacity. Accordingly, more affiliate-marketing companies are in the development stage. It’s another style of adapting and being on the alert to our changing world.

As mentioned above, some are looking back to see the errors of the older previous attempts that did not work out well. One of the more significant differentiators today for affiliate marketing is with sharing some of the income with members and communities in need. One such company still in the development stage is WebTalk. I obliged someone by checking out the site. Liking their advanced model, I joined. Take a look by clicking this link. 

Another variant for analyzing and improving ideas is potentially in reviewing the new digital version of the LinktoExpert Magazine.

Most notable are:

  • Captions that catch our attention
  • Beautiful photos that take us away into another land
  • Possibilities in the making
  • Ideas of pushing ourselves into the seemingly outer limits
  • Gaining recognition to launch business further

The magazine and those connected to the organization exemplify being alert to our changing world. 

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Your Story: Are You Alert To Our Changing World?

A livelihood is essential to keep ourselves going on a more even keel. How we want to proceed is entirely up to us.

Although a love song, the beginning lyrics of ‘Time In A Bottle,’ by Jim Croce, apply to our endeavors:

“If I could save time in a bottle
The first thing that I’d like to do…”

Set time aside to give thought to the first thing you would like to do and then reflect upon the following:

  1. Answer the questions of ‘what, when, how, and where?’
  2. Will you create a flexible plan to pursue your idea?
  3. Will you need to build a team to fill in the gaps, such as sales, marketing, and technology?

Most new entrepreneurs do not realize upfront every discipline requires learning to make their idea a success. Be sure that your to-do list includes prioritizing all the exciting ideas that come your way. Aligning every project with your timeline, values, and priorities, will give you a far better chance of becoming successful as you wish and at your pace.

Remind yourself that when you hear nasty comments or remarks such as, ‘that will never work,’ smile and continue going. We frighten others who are not as motivated by being alert to our changing world and doing something new. Use the commentary as your motivating force to plow forward.

Every six months, take a break to review your journey from the starting point. Although it may feel as if progress is almost absent, the review reveals otherwise. The knowledge you gain and the connections that you make add to the realization that the effort is worthwhile. More so, it makes the continuing journey into the unknown all the more exciting.

Sales Tips:  Alert To Our Changing World
  1. Decide what it is that you want to do to leave a lasting mark on our society
  2. Commit to learning, prioritizing projects, and planning ahead
  3. Question what others in your industry may be overlooking
  4. List out your new ideas
  5. Confirm which idea appeals to you the most
  6. Come to terms with what you can do and where help will be needed
  7. Budget for ongoing outsourced services
  8. Avoid over-committing to expenditures and new projects
  9. Always be on alert to our changing world
  10. Celebrate Success!
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