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Early in my career, salespeople laughed at my time-consuming strategy of being ‘thoughtful’ with clientele believing it would lead to sales success. What I didn’t realize up front is that being a rarity did wonders for building a personal brand.

Whenever there is a topic of contention, it is best to stop and weigh both sides. Before we dismiss an idea, it is best first to consider the pros and cons. Only then can we come to a better conclusion. A side benefit is that the practice becomes the training ground for improving our negotiation skills.

My Story

You may be wondering what I mean by being unusually thoughtful of my clientele.

For me, the beginning steps in the sales cycle include:

  • Researching people and companies before attempting to connect 
  • Personalizing communication with a connection of their effort to mine
  • Putting the other person’s perspective first
  • Entering notes and dates for follow-up in a CRM system
  • Following up with precision
  • Sending thank you notes for time spent
  • Providing a gift basket of delicacies for a team sale
  • Taking a favorite client to lunch

Between all of the cold calls and appointments set, extra hours are needed to do all of the above along with having an expense account. Team members laughed that I was doing way too much and it wasn’t worth the effort.

It is no secret that when I believe in something, I stick to it and keep going. Upfront, a strategy may not work, but I continue to improve the effort and stick with it until it does work.

OR…is the effort worthwhile?

Clientele referred to me as ‘A breath of fresh air.’ Today, authorities refer to the process as ‘Micromarketing.’

Results Are Our Fortune-Teller for Future Effort

Throughout each fiscal year, sales teams continually added to the revolving door syndrome. The door consists of hire, quit or fire, and re-hire. The cost was detrimental to the bottom-line. And for the sales representatives, the stress of quickly needing to find a new job also took a toll.

A New Perspective:

My ‘wasteful’ effort enjoyed the following:

  • Conversations were energizing and fun
  • Sales soared
  • Client loyalty developed into a returning and referring clientele
  • Recognition and bonuses became the norm
  • I looked forward to each day being with clients

Motivation and persistence help define sales success.

Accordingly, I wrote the article, “Are You Stubborn Enough to Succeed?” and am proud to have it featured on Pages 22-23 in the Entrepreneur Platform Magazine.

Your Story About Updated Strategies Lead to Sales Success

Come to terms whether you are one to dismiss new ideas or opposing viewpoints quickly. Should the answer be yes, take time to review your career results and how they may improve in the future.

If you struggle with obtaining appointments for a phone call, video chat, or in-house appointment, it’s time to re-think your approach. Your communication style is an indicator of who you are and how you will sell.

Do You:

  • Avoid taking the time to research prospective clients
  • Send generic messages
  • Criticize people for not answering your email or phone calls
  • Behave as if only you can save the person or company
  • Solely focus on revenue?

Should any of the bullet points sound familiar, take all the time you need to review your results accurately. The most significant factor to consider is, are people responding to you and inviting you for further discussion?

If you are nervous speaking with executives, take a public speaking class to increase confidence. Learn to become professionally personal and then change poor habits of communication. Research companies upfront and personalize your email.

The biggest differentiator is to put yourself in the shoes of your prospective clientele. Come to terms with their perspectives first by inquiring of their experiences. As understanding develops, it becomes more likely that a working plan will be in the making together.

When an effort toward teamwork is in place, that is when clientele will come to have enough confidence to trust you. And then sales success is yours.

The branding and micromarketing serve to spread the better word of mouth about you. As a job seeker, employee, or entrepreneur, the micromarketing turns the effort into your crowning joy. 

Sales Tips for Strategies that Lead to Sales Success:
  1. Be thoughtful of everyone you encounter
  2. Call a person by their name instead of ‘Hey.’
  3. When someone helps you, ask their name and say ‘Thank You’
  4. Implement precise follow-up by using a CRM system
  5. Research all you can before your meeting takes place
  6. Thank people for taking the time to speak or meet in person
  7. Focus first on the goals of those you meet
  8. Ask questions that reveal underlying problems and needs
  9. Should multiple people be involved in a decision, thank everyone for their time
  10. Enjoy a returning and referring clientele and Celebrate Success!

Today’s blog is provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!

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