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As the cold weather arrives, it becomes an excellent time for contemplating a new direction. Realizing what will excite us in the new year brings warmth and smiles.

Along with the fuzzy feelings, the time comes to examine our previous reality. A review of prior highs and lows is essential for the next part of the journey to work well. When we learn to view mishaps as gifts in disguise, we can begin a better path ahead. And by embracing the best, the next step is to expand upon it as we journey up the ladder of success.

My Story

As we find ourselves contemplating a new direction, we can only compare ourselves to our previous self. The streamlining process creates focus and allows us to advance more adeptly. The narrow perspective is excellent for self-improvement and professional development.

For me, it has been a long winding road from the corporate sales world to that of entrepreneurship. Baby steps describe my year-to-year journey. But on occasion, a nice note brings a smile, and a special moment of recognition motivates me to continue. 

It is an honor to be among the list of the Top 50 Salespersons of 2019, provided by Survey Sparrow.






The next step is to widen our perspective by studying the advancements of others who we admire. Somehow there may be an element of achievement that catches our attention. Examination of the details can help move us forward. For example, The World Economic Forum posted an article and video from Forbes entitled, The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.” 

While most of us may not have the talent for politics, there are elements of the work that can inspire us on our terms. Take the best of what you believe is working well for you and leave the rest behind.

I’m not seeking to be a world leader, but I am an advocate of mentoring younger women to rise in the ranks as equals. Ideas are brewing. Should you have suggestions for helping more women gain recognition for their work, please provide them.

Widening our perspective includes asking for input from those different from ourselves. Diverse nationalities, generations, genders, and professions all give way to life experiences different from ours.

The more we ask, the more we learn. The more we learn, the better we can build a business and help future generations.

For example, Ken is applying for a high level technical position. He asked me to read his resume. His experience is vastly different from mine. The first paragraph stopped me with a need to ask the meaning of three capital letters. His reply surprised me. He said, “good point, I’ll fill in the verbiage, so more recruiters understand.” An innocent question provided help.

Returning the favor, Ken informed me about the Facebook TV portal. My immediate reaction was to express concern about being recorded in my home. Given the widespread facial recognition technology in China and Alexa recording voices without forewarning, I said no. Ken reassured me that all recordings could turn off.

We tested the television platform call and enjoyed it. A new perspective is ours. For families spread over the country and abroad, it’s an excellent way to remain in touch. I’m not selling the product, but I could easily do so!

Click to See the Portal

Three actions advance us forward best: Question, Listen, Clarify.

Turning these three activities into daily habits provides us with a better understanding. As we begin to comprehend on a higher level what others are saying, we can then collaboratively find the better solution.

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Your Story: Contemplating A New Direction

As activities wind down, take time to decide if now is the time to be contemplating a new direction. If it’s time for a new job, update your resume and have someone unfamiliar with the industry read it. Like Ken, you may be enlightened by an unsuspecting someone.

Consider all the ideas in mind. The sales profession requires representatives to have many more possibilities in their pipeline than what will close by the target date. Similarly, take all of your thoughts and chart them out.

Some of the influencing decisions will be:

  • Excitement increases just thinking about the idea
  • Collaborative peers who can help move the project forward
  • Cost of implementation versus the potential return on investment

Nothing is impossible when you take the time to plan appropriately and secure the help you need. We each have one life to live, and now could be the right time for contemplating a new direction.

Sales Tips: Contemplating A New Direction
  1. When you become tired of doing the same, it’s time for contemplating a new direction
  2. If you achieved all you can on a job without possibility of a promotion, it’s time to look elsewhere
  3. As technology affects what you do, it’s time for contemplating a new direction
  4. Read up on what you need to know for an effective transition
  5. Consider collaborating with trusted friends to rise more quickly
  6. Ask questions of those who have gone before you for suggestions
  7. Be open about what you don’t know so that you will become familiar sooner than later
  8. Research suggestions online to pick up the pace
  9. Create goals with a timeline to keep you motivated and on track
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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