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NOTE: Greg Jenkins, Founder & CEO, Greg Jenkins Consulting, provides today’s guest blog, Are You Creating Inclusive Leaders?  A Service I’ve Lived.

Welcome, I am a Service-Disabled Veteran who loves serving as a dedicated and passionate leadership, diversity & inclusion (D&I) consultant, trainer, facilitator, mentor, and coach. I care about helping people and organizations learn and grow to become higher-performing.

I provide talent development for organizations by delivering D&I expertise, team building, and leadership development in; assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of strategy, training content, marketing, facilitation, coaching, and veteran transition mentoring.

My work includes clients across North America at the Federal and state government levels to include non-profit and corporate clients. My partner clients and I have improved business outcomes and developed talent within those same organizations. I believe that by raising others upward – we rise as well. My purpose is to help you with your purpose, and I look forward to connecting with you. 12 June 2020


Creating Inclusive Leaders by Offering a Service I Have Lived

I began my business because I wanted to help supervisors and managers. The goal is for them to learn the value of diversity and develop into inclusive leaders and build better teams.

The US military is highly adept at including diverse people from around the world and turning them into motivated and productive professionals and teams. High performing, effective teams don’t happen by accident. There is a dedicated development process that begins and ends with inclusive leadership. A culture of inclusion is where everyone can benefit from and gain the opportunities to learn, grow, and flourish. In my experience, it’s those inclusive leaders who positively impact an organization’s bottom line. It’s the intersection between leadership, the workforce, and organizational objectives where I work to help organizations.

A Unique Process:

My work requires the co-creation of brave and vulnerable spaces for workshop group members to grasp inclusive leadership concepts fully. Supervisors and managers must first understand that becoming an inclusive leader means learning about self. My training requires participants to “dig deep” better to understand their own biases’ stereotypes and perceptions. It’s those inclusive leaders who are the ones who have the most significant and most positive impact on both their organization’s workforce and, ultimately, the bottom-line objectives.

Tough Challenges:

The first tough challenge for me was learning how to start and run my business. I had served in the US Army for over 28 years and had zero business experience whatsoever. I worked hard seeking out mentors, business coaches, and other business professionals who helped me tremendously. In the beginning, I began working with a Chicago-based diversity firm, InQUEST Consulting LLC. Scott Hoesman is the Founder and President of InQUEST Consulting, and I learned much from him in terms of business administration, operations, marketing, sales, and much more. I give Scott enormous credit in helping me to launch, operate and grow my own business effectively.

Where I am Today

Today, I have been in business on my own for over eight years now, and I love it! I still encounter challenges and setbacks from time to time. But I’m also able to enjoy the flexibility and autonomy of being able to pursue my passion. I’m still learning aspects of running my business and improving it along the way. I would encourage anyone considering going into business for themselves to know their “why” first. The alarming truth is, small businesses fail at an alarming rate.

There are no guarantees of success. Often the work is long and arduous, and sometimes even without compensation.

The Turnaround

However, by putting the following in place:

  • A vision and strategy
  • A network of caring people who can help you
  • A good work ethic

You will surprise yourself by what you can create and grow. Even better is when all of us are creating inclusive leaders.

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Grand Vision of a Possible Future:

My vision for the future is one where inclusive leadership is the norm across all organizations. Where teams, organizations, and even our society benefit from inclusive leadership and positive outcomes at all levels. In the words of Dr. Richard Friend, “a vision where every team member is; welcomed, respected, valued, and heard.” That vision is my personal goal.

I enjoy my work very much, and I hope to continue for as long as I am physically and mentally able to do so.

Sales Tips:  Creating Inclusive Leaders
  1. Build your brand and your network
  2. Be up to date with the latest business strategies
  3. As need arises, ask peers for mentor recommendations
  4. Review your business plan for diversity and inclusiveness however possible
  5. Seek out a collaborative group to enhance visibility and branding
  6. Keep an eye on your ultimate goal
  7. Learn from errors for quicker progress
  8. Strive for creating inclusive leaders
  9. Listen to and observe others for realization of what works well
  10. Celebrate Success!
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