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Note:  Nirupa’s Netram provides her story that asks, ‘Do you want to turn your passion into a career?’ Upsets in one’s career can take us to another place in time and unknowingly bring advancement via following our passion and ideals.

Become the next JEDI advocate after reading Nirupa's story.

Nirupa Netram the ‘JEDI Model.’  

The JEDI acronym stands for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.  It’s almost ironic that a substantial portion of the population feels excluded.  When we strive to understand the history of one another, more ideas come forth for improvements. 


Do You Want to Turn Your Passion into a Career?

In 2020, I lost my job, alongside another 114 million jobs lost. Grant funding for my executive role expired. I loved the work I was doing among highly talented individuals, many of whom became friends, and I was making a social impact. 

Despite my qualifications and achievements as an attorney and executive for 22+ years, I kept applying for jobs to no avail. I got interviews and received great feedback and, in some instances, even discussed the start date and salary, yet I never got the job. I did not know what was happening to me, and it made me question everything about myself. I remember feeling powerless. 

All the while, something new was happening. The world was demanding action and change in the wake of the murder of George Floyd and those after him. A unique movement began to take place globally. This movement resonated with me deeply. 

Being a woman of color and immigrant, I have experienced my share of discrimination personally and professionally. I still walk into stores and restaurants and get the unwelcoming looks of not belonging plus the uncomfortable constant stares. Since I immigrated to the United States as a child, the same has continued. Professionally, I could not shatter the glass ceiling, no matter my accomplishment. 

Finding My Why 

After more than two decades in the workforce, I was not finding employment. I consistently exceed my goals, get along great with people, have a strong work ethic, and have reference letters from every job, even from senior judges. The pandemic began to give rise to more competition for jobs than ever from its initiation. I knew I could not sit back and merely wait for my dream job. I asked myself, 

“What will I do? What should I do? What is my calling? How can I turn my passion into a career?”

As an introvert, I thought long about my experiences, motivation, leadership style, and how I treated others in my personal and professional life. I realized that, throughout my career, I had always been a diversity champion. I strive to be inclusive in my interactions with people. When I make important decisions, such as hiring and advancement of teams and more, I always strive for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). I am an advocate for justice, given that I am an attorney, and I worked in the justice system for more than a decade. 

Turning JEDI Into a Business

This passion for justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) led me to start my company, Lotus Solutions LLC, at the start of the pandemic. At Lotus Solutions, I do customized JEDI consulting, training, and keynote speeches. My goal is to educate businesses in every industry about JEDI and advise how to be better leaders and employees. I want to help create and sustain a workplace where leadership optimizes individual talent, and every person is valued and feels they belong. 

I could not believe I was starting my own company because I am pretty risk-averse. However, I had nothing to lose, especially as my inbox had zero job offers. I got my DEI professional certification. I immersed myself in JEDI (i.e., reading books, articles, papers, and resources, taking courses and webinars, and doing my research). Additionally, I networked with JEDI professionals and thought leaders in other fields from around the globe. I used social media (LinkedIn and Twitter) daily to network and spread awareness of my business. 

I began to blog about JEDI, started my website and newsletter. I did my first customized JEDI training within a month of launching and later appeared on my first podcast. I learned that not all companies are comfortable sharing that they are doing this work aimed at changing behavior. 

Like many solopreneurs, I did not have the money to spend on marketing. However, word of mouth helped my business grow. Soon people were contacting me to do consulting, training, and speeches. And I was asked to join their JEDI committees, some of which are appointed positions. Other JEDI professionals began reaching out to me to collaborate and partner. Less than a year after launching my company, I secured my first open-ended consulting contract with a global powerhouse.  

My JEDI Journey and IAC

I have been in business for a little more than a year now. In that short time, I have amassed clients locally, nationally, and internationally, partnered and collaborated with JEDI professionals, featured in local and national publications, and written articles published on other websites. 

One of the best things about starting my own company is that I can connect with global JEDI leaders. I remember reading a post from one such leader, Greg Jenkins, about Inclusion Allies Coalition (IAC). I was intrigued and did my research. I learned IAC is a coalition of organizations and practitioners committed to DEI and provides resources, advocacy, conferences, and webinars for dialogues across differences to promote inclusion. They serve as allies for marginalized people and advocate for inclusive policies and practices. After I researched IAC, I was impressed with the scope and quality of their work that I immediately joined. 

I have since attended several of the IAC’s world-class webinars and learned many new concepts and best practices. Through the IAC, I have made meaningful connections with those doing JEDI work and those who are JEDI champions. I do not know where my JEDI journey will take me, but I am glad I have this IAC community.

Thankfully, I now realize you can turn your passion into a career.  Together, we are trying to make the world a better place. Will you join us?  

How Do You Foresee Your Destiny?

Do You Build Relationships With Strangers?

How to Prepare For A New Leadership Role

Sales Tips:  Do You Want to Turn Your Passion into a Career?

  1. Review your worst disappointments.
  2. Consider why the disappointing events upset you as they did.
  3. Create a list of ‘what ifs’ for achieving what is not working as you believe it should.
  4. Capture your long-term vision in the ‘best of all worlds’ and write it out.
  5. Establish a plan with benchmarks for achieving your grand vision.
  6. Accept that not everything works out and promise to acknowledge what doesn’t to revise the plan.
  7. Monitor mishaps to ensure they are not the result of a poor habit; should it be, revise the routine.
  8. Use the power of positive thinking and begin each day with the thought, ‘Yes, I Can!’
  9. Dedicate yourself and work to turn your passion into a career.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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