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Three events have me asking, are you fully appreciated?’ The stories share answers ranging from ‘not really’ to a ‘resounding yes!’ As we attempt to build a business and our networks, we need to monitor our credibility.

The three best indicators for building a business well are:

  1. A pipeline filled with possible new clients
  2. A loyal returning and referring clientele
  3. Networks offering help

My Story In Three Segments

Story #1

Hearing my friend share her questionable experience provides an alarming example. Linda is organizing a day tour of a historic area and its highly acclaimed arts fair.

After the tour, lunch and a friendly conversation will follow. Linda is contacting several restaurants to find better accommodations for twenty guests.

The first restaurant visit proved to be a giant bust. First, the staff and then management proclaimed their usual clientele has priority on seating. I agree that a loyal clientele does deserve special attention. But this is where the good abruptly ends.

But Are you Fully Appreciated?  

Linda was told her group of twenty people would need to sit in the back room. Upon visiting the space, Linda instantly realized it is an afterthought. The humidity was almost unbearable, and the appearance is a turnoff. The more significant concern is, will the service be adequate? 

And then the punch-line arrived: ‘You will need to pay rent for this room in addition to purchasing lunch.’

Our conclusion is the restaurant does not want to bother with new business. The owner should think about ‘are you fully appreciated?’  What will happen should some of their current clientele move away? By not accommodating new guests in a hospitable style, the establishment will suffer.

Story #2: Building Credibility and Influence

The better approach to building business and sales is to put oneself in the mindset of the prospective client. Once their point of view is understood, and an exchange of ideas takes place, a solution is more likely to develop.

Entrepreneurs are dependent upon grooming their networks. Offering sound advice and providing excellence in service build the brand.  An increase in referrals follows. As the cycle continues, influence builds as does friendships.

Red Top 1% Badge

I subscribe to helping others move forward. Accordingly, networks continue to grow. Kred is a site that monitors the influence of people and businesses. This week, Kred is featuring my story on their website. It is a beautiful surprise confirming that I am appreciated. I can’t ask for more!

Story #3: Once A Connection, Always A Connection

Long ago, I met Sharon Jenkins, The Master Communicator’s Writing Services in California. Her slogan is, “we love our customers.” I learned much from Sharon about marketing my business. Being authors connected the two of us. We have the same philosophy about sharing our story. The personal touch allows our personal and business brands to become known.

Our other commonality is in bringing old acquaintances to mind. Sharon will be hosting The Authors Showcase, September 13, in Washington D.C. I immediately accepted the surprise invitation, and am excited to reacquaint with Sharon. 

The event will be an opportunity to learn first-hand from the authors and make new connections. The Authors Showcase, sponsored by REBAssociates INTL, will take place at Busboys and Poets on September 13, 2019, at 450 K St NW, Washington, DC 20001 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. The day will feature Ted Talks, panel discussions, and spoken word relevant to the authors’ experiences.

If you are in the area, register by clicking this link. Admission is free.

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Your Story: Are You Fully Appreciated?

With much negativity floating around us, it’s natural to ask, are you fully appreciated? However, it is better to review how your effort in being helpful may increase.

The saying, what goes around comes around, is for the most part correct. Not everyone reciprocates, but many do. Continue to be of service for recognition will arrive. By making the gesture a habit, ‘are you fully appreciated’ will no longer be of concern.

Be the inspiration others admire.

To answer the question, ‘are you fully appreciated?’ consider the following:

  • Am I earning repeat business
  • Are referrals and testimonials coming my way
  • Do I need to increase my offers of help
  • Am I using reciprocity as often as possible
  • How else may I help others while increasing revenue?

By working to serve communities, magic appears to happen. Credibility, trust, influence, and business all begin to build. Connecting and promoting others will have you believe you are fully appreciated.

Sales Tips: Feeling Fully Appreciated
  1. Welcome people in to your establishment and make them feel at home
  2. Accommodate new guests in a hospitable manner
  3. Before serious conversations begin, ask prospects about their day with a genuine interest
  4. Lead discussions with a friendly give and take
  5. Avoid dominating meetings
  6. Check for an equal exchange of insights in all forms of communication
  7. Offer beneficial introductions
  8. Help promote special events of associates
  9. Provide helpful ideas
  10. Celebrate Success!
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