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Attract The Right Job Or Clientele: 

There is never an all-in-one solution for maximizing audience attraction in the hopes of gaining new clients. The upfront steps are to contemplate what we want and need to accomplish and prioritize which steps come first. Upon confirming our immediate and long-term goals, the following action examines the better one or two possibilities of the many that exist.

It’s essential to keep in mind that what everyone else does or says does not necessarily translate to your ‘should do.’ What matters most is what will tie into what you already have in place and help maximize audience attraction efforts.

My Story

For larger companies, inter-departmental efforts can enhance attraction marketing and, ultimately, business growth and sales. It requires ongoing teamwork and a willingness to consider even the unusual ideas of each person who may offer one.   

Experiencing the opposite of inclusion in the sales arena, I recognize diversity and inclusion’s importance. When we put our judgments and prejudice aside, we are to take the opportunity to hear out ideas from those from varying countries, varying ethnicities, and genders. The corporate mindset toward inclusion will transfer in communications to the outside world.  

Entrepreneurs are witness to so many ideas that it can be mind-boggling when building a robust audience. The two P’s, passion and purpose, are essential for deciding which direction to take. On rare occasions, an idea will sound like it came from outer space and stop us in our tracks. I say so because that’s how my journey began, one that was never previously conceived or planned.  

The advice to write a book upon experiencing an entire room laughing at my announcement of being a sales trainer was long ago and took me off-guard. Why?

My most positive thought:  In college, professors told me they liked my ideas; but sadly, my writing is awful. How would it be possible for me to write a book?  That was all the positivity I could conjure up!

My most negative thought:  The last thing I wanted to do was return to the corporate world. Being a salesperson would not bode well to apply for a job while admitting I couldn’t get my entrepreneurship up and running. My view was I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

My only choice:  Give writing a try.  

With the help of a talented editor, ‘Nice Girls DO Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results’ was born. It is a corporate-tell-all about the horrific treatment I experienced in the offices where I worked and how I dealt with the treatment. And it gives away my secrets (I used to be highly competitive) for how to sell well.  

Secret #1:  Reveal the ordeal(s) you experienced and how you passed the finish line.

Secret #2:  Deliver your insights and help to the people who most need them.

Secret #3:  Motivate and inspire others to operate similarly within their space.

I had no concept of what could happen, but it did change my life for the better!

It enabled me to establish the credibility I was lacking and empower my audience attraction efforts. Within a brief timeframe, unimaginable best outcomes began to unfold. Here is a sampling:

  • International Best-Seller and translated into four languages
  • Featured in TIME Magazine and many other media channels
  • Sourcebooks declared the book to be Evergreen!

Accordingly, my audience began to grow, and streams of income from other channels started to build. But the most heartwarming piece is the handwritten and verbal messages thanking me for the help I provide.  

How did my first book take off like lightning?  

It begins by seeking professional help, but I took an intuitive opportunity. 

Randy Peyser and I both began at the same point. Upon speaking with one another at an event, I had faith in her abilities. My intuition proved many times over that my assessment was correct.  

You may view Randy’s 1.5-minute book video reel by clicking this YouTube link.  View the remarkable job Randy did for her clientele, including me. May you find the video motivating and inspiring, too.

Today we have many options for promoting our message through media channels. Some cost money, and others are free of charge. The budget is always to be under consideration no matter the strategy. Providing helpful messaging on social platforms is a cost-conscious way of spreading the good word about you and your business. Once you have your process in place that works well, it is time to expand outward. Selecting a venue requires thought about which audience each channel serves and researching whether it will enhance business growth.  

For More Insights:  Visit Elinor’s Amazon Author Page

“Communicate to Attract Interest

Unique artistic website design will attract more attention, retain viewers, and encourage additional sales.

Be A Story-Teller

As the CEO of Smooth Sale, after her near-death experience, Stutz adapted the motto, 
“Believe, Become, Empower.
Nice Girls DO Get the Sale is an International Best-Selling and Evergreen Book – among the classics;
HIRED! Helped many to secure the job they desired. 

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Listen and Observe

Your Story:
 Are You Maximizing Audience Attraction Efforts?

In addition to taking time each evening to review the day’s events and outcomes, incorporate considering suggestions as they arrive. 

Pay attention to the idea that is recurring by examining it from all angles. Qualifiers include:

  • Will the idea complement what you already have in place?
  • Can the suggestion potentially add to your revenue stream?
  • Is it likely you will pick up more clients?
  • Will the effort broaden your audience appeal?
  • Can the new strategy help with Maximizing Audience Attraction Efforts?

Be cautious not to dismiss any idea unless it violates your principles. Give a suggestion thought, including how it may affect everything else in place. Most importantly, decide if it holds the potential to advance further progress.

The last piece is to feel your energy increase as excitement for the possibility lifts. When you find yourself at this stage, it is time to create your plan of action to make it happen!

Sales Tips: Maximizing Audience Attraction Efforts

  1. Upon connecting with another, ask what they do and why they chose their occupation.
  2. Hear out what others like and dislike most about the work they do.
  3. Should a comment attract your attention, ask more questions, including the better way to begin.
  4. Time is short so pay attention to what may be your gold nugget and examine from all angles.
  5. Confirm the idea aligns with your priorities and value.
  6. Verify a new possibility will be of interest to your clientele and audience at large.
  7. Ensure the new strategy aligns with what is in place and how you do business.
  8. Maintain a consistent branding approach to build a sound reputation.
  9. Develop good word of mouth.
  10. Celebrate Success!

Today’s insights are provided to help you achieve the Smooth Sale!


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