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NOTE:  I wanted to share my favorite office essentials with QuickBooks as part of their #WaysToGrow campaign. 

“Positive thought increases positive results.”

My Story

Previously accustomed to being a part of a high-energy sales team, the first year of entrepreneurship was especially tough. The alone time was good to a point, and then, I began to wonder what I was doing. Suddenly self-doubt became the norm. Thankfully excellent advice quickly came my way which I’m passing along today.

Motivational Help for the Office
  1. Frame pictures that remind you of past achievements and hang them on the wall.
  2. Purchase an inexpensive bulletin board to pin recognition awards and thank you notes for the help you provided.
  3. Add to the pinned collection, favorite cartoons that make you smile to begin your day.
  4. In anticipation of video calls and media interviews, purchase an inexpensive multi-bulb lamp for extra lighting.
  5. If in a shared room, buy a company banner to have a professional looking background.
  6. Create a continuing task list that becomes a habit for remaining on top of everything.
  7. Hire a coach on an annual basis to help you leap frog past your current status.
  8. Create a mastermind group to provoke new ideas and keep you on track.   
  9. Doing bookkeeping work ahead of tax season makes the most sense; research the software available that fits your style and is relatively easy-to-use.
  10. Also, check out easy invoicing to continue your flow of income!

I did all of the above, and it saved me from quitting, no joke. In the early days, just looking up at the wall to see what I already accomplished along with smiling at my favorite Dilbert cartoon had me primed to gear up for the day. The extra lighting and banner for video calls added to the confidence of a professional appearance. And having the right software at my fingertips alleviated anxiety.

Special Lessons Learned

“Being in business requires a dedication to continued learning.”

“When you give up, you will never know what was just around the corner.”

“When special opportunities arise, say ‘Yes!’ and privately get the help you need.”

“Always keep your values and priorities close to heart.”

Have an agreement in place with a couple of trusted peers to confer whenever a need arises. I once created a mastermind group with those whose work I admired. But over time, a competitive attitude took over. Even worse, many were not willing to continually learn. For example, I heard, “social media is a waste of time, it will never take hold.”

As you can imagine, the mastermind group disbanded. However, for about ten years, an amazing “go-to” person is at my fingertips to contact anytime I need. Just today we exchanged notes. Our values and priorities are similar and most of all we enjoy cheering each other on regarding our latest accomplishments.

It was another good friend who, in the early days, advised I write a book to establish credibility. The writing still continues as this path is my favorite. If you enjoyed the quotes above, more can be found in the book, “The Wish: A 360 Degree Business Development Process that Fuels Sales.” This book details my journey as an entrepreneur and all the disciplines that needed to be learned in addition to sales for me to create a systematic process that works well.

Your Story

Take the time to determine how you may increase motivation to achieve your vision and dream. Consider these questions:

  • Is something or someone holding you back?
  • Which steps may you take to correct your course of action?
  • Is it time to update your long-term vision?

As you can see, the burden to advance is on each of us. Take the time to figure out where you wish to be. Next, take the time to create a plan that you know you will follow. You may be an employee or an entrepreneur. In either case, “It’s those who seize the day who find the way!” 

Following these guidelines will lead you to the Smooth Sale!

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