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The celebration is over but are we motivated to do more? 2021 Women’s International Day appears to have been a historic day. Women globally united together to make a more significant impact to claim their quest for equality. And to my delight, some good men chose to spread the word along with good cheer.   

The burning question, after the celebration, is, do we forget about what just happened, or are we motivated to do more?  

My Story

Those of us who have experienced discrimination of any type will most likely never forget the moment(s). And some of us who felt the sting of the previous circumstance(s) are more motivated than ever to implement change. A significant underlying factor today is that it isn’t just individuals who want change but also groups and organizations banding together to make a difference.

From Here To There

As the momentum and unifying forces increase, we do become motivated to do more. Like building sales and business, we are to lay out a plan for how we will get from this point in time to a better tomorrow. Once we know how the progress is to appear, we are to include timelines for each benchmark. We can then create a flexible plan to advance our desired future outcome. Flexibility is necessary because often, a strategy will need adjustment.

To create change speak to the hearts and souls of others.

Story sharing is a better way to communicate what took place in the past and how we see improvement in the future. The role story sharing plays is that it speaks to the heart and soul of others. It is the connection between our story and theirs not yet shared that speaks to all of us. Accordingly, those hearing our story will be more likely to climb on board to help make a difference.

While there is an effort at the corporate level to create equal pay and career growth opportunities, other issues also need to be addressed. Training on multiple levels is lacking. The two topics that will empower those lower in the corporate ranks are communication and leadership training. Next, an open environment where all ideas may be shared and considered will inspire employees to remain for the longer term. In sales speak, it becomes a win-win for all.

The importance of diversity and inclusion gives everyone a broader perspective of what others believe to be necessary. Moving from typical office communications practice to the internet, we become more adept at communicating with a global audience. And should the business require travel, we are already at ease speaking with people worldwide.

Holding people back is no longer an asset to the company or the bottom-line. Disgruntled employees leave, creating the forever loop of hire, train, fire, and re-hire. The syndrome costs companies a large sum. But when you take the time to listen to everyone and are willing to incorporate better ideas, possibilities increase. Even better, the option to train and promote whoever holds interest and possesses talent will produce loyalty.  The bonus is in a more robust monetary reward.

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Your Story:  Are You Motivated To Do More?

Pause for a moment to consider your participation in Women’s International Day 2021.  Did you participate without outside encouragement?  Or did you silently acknowledge the day to then go about business as usual?  For either response, consider the reasons behind your decision to proceed as you did. And then give thought to what might motivate you to do more the next time.

A better sales strategy is to review a person’s profile online before requesting to connect.  And for those that do catch your attention, see if they list organizations that sound of interest.  Research the ones that momentarily pique your curiosity.  Give thought to whether you can add to the vision of the group.  Should the answer be positive, ask for an introduction or reach out on your own to join.  No doubt, you will find yourself motivated to do more.

Even better, think about what you need to help create equality 365 days per year.  Consider if you dismiss people in your mind because they:

  • Are immigrants
  • Speak broken English
  • Have different skin color
  • Are female, gay, or transgender
  • Do not have an accumulation of wealth

Now consider the leadership style within your organization.  What if you were to address the seeming dilemmas that tend to hold people back.  Instead of viewing each problem as such, consider how you may assist the issue. 

At team meetings, invite each person to share their story of a low point and how they could advance.  The purpose is to encourage others to use similar strategies and similarly progress.  Seek out commonality among all those who share, such as their drive to achieve more.

Ask for their input on how the company may help them improve further and achieve more spirited goals.  Provide training in areas that are most needed. Seek to build up confidence and teach public speaking plus leadership skills.  Most of all, seek out the pledge from yourself and your employees to be motivated to do more.

Sales Tips: Are You Motivated To Do More?
  1. Envision your ideal outcome.
  2. Seek out groups similar in thought.
  3. Together create a broad vision and ultimate goal with a plan to attain it.
  4. Create a year-end goal to achieve.
  5. Set three quarterly goals to arrive at the year-end target.
  6. Create monthly goals.
  7. Establish weekly goals.
  8. Each Monday confirm your upcoming achievement by Friday afternoon.
  9. At the end of the week, acknowledge what worked well and what needs improvement the next week.
  10. Celebrate Success!

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