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Covid19 initially stopped me in my tracks until I began to figure out how to improve next year.  At the start of the pandemic, I didn’t believe enough was in place to continue.  Yet, it became more important than ever to remain in business if for no other reason than to keep my mind active. 

Soul-searching regarding my mission, wondering how it may unveil and flourish became my quest. Memories come to mind occasionally that can springboard a new idea.  For example, as I was biking, I came across the street name, Maynard.  Years ago, Dobie Gillis was a comedy series. The partnering main character had us doubled over with laughter as the character, Maynard G. Krebs.  I shared the memory with business friends.  As the smiles arrive, mutually enjoyable conversations arise that usually point us back to business talk with a creative bend.

My Story

I spent several months examining everything from multiple angles. It felt as if I were stuck and falling behind.  I knew there was a way out, but it was long in coming.  Sales experience continues to help me by incorporating perseverance. Eventually, I did find a better path and am ready to improve next year.

At the start of this year, I redefined my mission.  I welcome blog posts of leaders in varying industries who are willing to share their stories.  The underlying theme is to reveal how they were able to overcome their challenging hurdles to become successful.  My goal is to help younger people realize they are not alone and that they too can rise in their field to enjoy success. 

Although marketing and P.R. are never first in mind for me, it turns out there is an advantage to putting others in the spotlight. Blog distribution continues to grow. Moreover, we each have something to learn from one another.  Reading the guest posts is another way to improve next year.  My bonus is a few well-known sites will selectively repost one of my blogs.  As the year progresses, inspiring connections come my way. 

My other goal has always been to continue working for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.  Many of my corporate sales experiences were shameful. Exchanging stories with other women, I realize that most experience similar challenges. It’s difficult to begin to imagine what the incidents must be like for people of varying heritage. 

Accordingly, I’ve been connecting on social sites with those who have a similar ambition to level out the playing field.  A steady progression of focusing on my passion found me connecting with a couple of inspiring organizations and agreed to partner.  We have a long way ahead to see the effort lift off, but the direction is in place.  It is the connections with similar-minded people that renewed my motivation to continue working for a better tomorrow.

The side benefit is, as the newer organizations grow by attracting similar-minded people, my networks are growing, too.  Together we are establishing a more cohesive theme.  The conversations also motivate and inspire each of us to continue our efforts and share our creative ideas.  When we find ourselves in a community of this type, the possibilities plus drive become limitless.  Accordingly, enthusiasm also increases, which leads me to employ a sharper focus to face the challenges head on.  I am so ready to improve next year!

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Your Story:  Ready To Improve Next Year?

Most people remain in a group, although their new ideas are not appreciated.  The effort becomes draining in various ways, including emotional, self-sabotage, and the recurring thought about quitting.   Should this describe your situation, here are three questions to consider:

  • Do you regret not moving forward with an idea?
  • Are your motivation and enthusiasm diminishing?
  • Does the thought of doing something different bring a smile?

Should you answer yes to any of the above questions, re-examine your ‘why’ before it’s too late. It’s always concerning to realize a possible need for changing friends, groups, and connections.  However, the main ‘what if’ question is, what will the new possibilities potentially bring if you do? 

Accordingly, come to terms with the following questions:

  • Is it possible that you will be alone for quite some time?
  • Will you be okay in solitude as you begin working out a new plan?
  • And if you are alone, will your focus be sharper to prepare for the new year?

Along with focus, the next key ingredient for a successful outcome is discipline.  Being able to push oneself every day to complete a long list of tasks to reach goals is the daily habit for entrepreneurs who do well. The repeat course of action is to visualize your long-term vision and then work backward, defining the intermediary milestones to achieve.  Your daily task list written out at the end of the previous working day will save hours each week by not needing to recall what comes next.

Sales Tips:  Ready To Improve Next Year?
  1. Pay attention to the topics currently catching your attention
  2. Consider how you can incorporate the new into your current plan
  3. Determine the routines no longer working to eliminate
  4. Read a person’s profile to connect with like-minded individuals
  5. Upon seeing an intriguing background of someone, ask for a meeting
  6. Research the organizations that sound of interest for a potential contribution
  7. Make qualified introductions to trusted peers for reciprocity to follow
  8. Pay attention to questions asked of you as they may lead to a new service
  9. Contribute your insights to a community in need
  10. Celebrate Success!
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