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Note:  Linda Broenniman and Dan Frumkin, Founders of, provide today’s Blog Story, about sharing knowledge and wisdom throughout your organization. 


Linda and Dan are successful entrepreneurs with years of experience in selling and in technology. Through their experiences, they recognize the power of connecting the right people at the right time with the right information. Their goal is to help companies accelerate growth and build lasting value. And their vision is to create such a platform for all companies and people to thrive,

B2B selling is a sophisticated human process. It takes experience and human intelligence to deliver results. Companies are spending more and more on technology. According to CSO Insights, sales enablement investment is up 55% from 2012, and yet in that same time quota attainment declined from 63% to 55%.


CSO Insights also stated that: “sales organizations using a formal collaboration approach saw a 21% improvement on quota attainment”. Furthermore, they went on to say that world class sales organizations are committed to sharing knowledge and best practices within and across sales and service teams.

Sharing Intelligence: The Right Knowledge at the Right Time

One sales leader observed, “Good salespeople know the answers to most questions; they only require answers to exceptional questions which are, by definition, not readily available via existing documentation.”

According to Tony Robbins, “People are drowning in information yet starving for wisdom”.

What improves sales outcomes is providing situational, in-the-trenches intelligence when needed. Contextual knowledge provides salespeople the confidence and insight to navigate dynamic and complex sales conversations.

How to Share Sales Intelligence

The pervading belief is that salespeople do not share their expertise easily. In interviews, salespeople stated that it is not for lack of will, but mainly because the environment sales teams work in does not provide tools or assist with the exchange of know how. Most sales performers would be more than happy to share knowledge if they only had the opportunity and means.

Fortunately, new approaches to this problem are evolving. Businesses are realizing the power of on-demand knowledge sharing, a departure from management scheduled interactions. AI and self-learning algorithms are opening the way to exploring the knowledge and expertise of employees across an organization, providing insights and information gained as a result of employee’s daily work. These enabling technologies provide access to specific institutional knowledge with a focus on the transfer of human know-how rather than machine static information.

If sales winners can easily share their know-how with their colleagues, they will graciously do so. Just give them the opportunity and an effective, easy means to identify the right team members, the right sellers – and empower them to connect and collaborate independently, on-demand.

RadiateBuzz’s JustSoldItTM

RadiateBuzz introduced the first platform that directly connects enterprise B2B sellers within the same organization, enabling them to collaborate and drive results. Applying Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and specialized algorithms, JustSoldIt ™, the intelligence sharing platform, gets to the heart of seeking and identifying individual’s knowledge, experience, and skill sets that can then be shared with others at their moment of need.

The skill sets of the entire organization become a discoverable asset, with overwhelming benefits. This innovation is no small matter, promising to revolutionize how corporate employees link, connect, share information, and collaborate for improved performance.

Once leads are in the hands of the sales team, the outcome is a matter of skill, preparation and the steps taken to properly engage. It is the quality of each engagement that governs the outcome of the sales effort. The intelligence sharing platform focuses on the art of persuasion – actual selling, when the seller is engaged with a prospect.

The intelligence sharing platform improves the quality of engagement by bringing human intelligence to the forefront. Now your sales people can be made aware of who is winning in real-time and connect with them to tap into their wisdom, experience, sales techniques and success strategies. They get answers to their critical (“exceptional”) questions when they need it.

The intelligence sharing platform accomplishes what no other tool can. From crafting the winning play, to discovering (un-documented) use-cases, to identifying sales team members who walked in their shoes, sellers find all the answers.

An Example Sharing Intelligence Provides a Competitive Advantage

To illustrate, Tracy, a sales rep, is selling into a Linux environment for the first time. Connecting with a team member who sold into a Linux environment many times enormously improves Tracy’s chances of staying in the opportunity. Knowing more is better, no exceptions to this rule. Feeling well prepared translates into confidence, essential to peak performance.  

Tracy’s inquiries may require more complexity. In this case, Tracy wants to specify five criteria in addition to selling into the Linux environment. These criteria could be related to time (sold in the last six months), geography (in the Eastern USA), against a specific competitor (ABC Corp), selling various products and service (consulting, endpoint security and outsourced cloud computing), and selling to a certain persona. The resulting connections are instantaneous. The information exchanged is invaluable. And there is more… 

How useful might it be for Tracy to discover who in her company formerly worked for competitor ABC? Or who in her company may have formerly been a sales engineer with ABC, specializing in endpoint cybersecurity? The implications for gaining insights and increasing the chances of winning are enormous.

Changing The Way Your Enterprise Works Together To Increase Win Rates

The intelligence sharing platform, JustSoldIt ™, is not just for sales reps. In fact, the entire organization benefits from tearing down knowledge silos, enabling information to flow to where it is needed, on-demand.

Marketing teams are frequently asked for new reference accounts. Armed with the intelligence sharing platform, marketing is now able to quickly identify accounts of specific criteria, clear the account with its “owner” and transfer the information to field sales.

Product marketing quickly identifies those who have mastered selling a new product and/or feature. With this knowledge, programs are developed to accelerate effective product launches.

Sales Training may develop virtual ride-alongs and other programs to improve selling techniques quickly and effectively. Programs for on-boarding new reps, lead-handling and ‘ever-boarding’ existing employees can be implemented around functionality of the intelligence sharing platform.

Pre-sales engineers use knowledge discovery to seek others in pre-sales support. This select group taps into their specific experience, know-how, and workarounds on specific new opportunities. Sharing information among engineers is invaluable, leading to creative solutions and smoother implementations. 

Management and Corporate Executives get insights into field sales activities, unavailable with any other tool. User activity is tracked and correlated with successful conversations and final purchase orders, allowing management to measure performance and understand the issues of individual sales reps, teams, and the entire organization. 

Dependence on anecdotal field sales information is eliminated as RadiateBuzz provides accurate, methodical data from the field as it happens.

  • What are the reps’ greatest challenges?
  • What competitors are your reps losing to and why?

With RadiateBuzz management gets unprecedented business intelligence and real-time, accurate data from the field with which to make informed and timely decisions. A

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